A little ditty about a boy and his pizza…

I ordered from Papa John’s last night.  I requested a large pizza with sausage and green pepper.  What I got was sausage and pepperoni (an understandable mistake, albeit totally unacceptable).  So I pouted for a minute, but I can roll with just about any pizza topping, so I was ready to dive in.  Then I looked in the fridge and realized I had my own green pepper in there.  So i started slicing the green pepper up in hopes of topping my own pie.  I was so proud of myself.  Then I realized that raw green pepper isn’t the same as oven-baked green pepper.  That’s when I had a stroke of genius.  I warmed up the oven, applied my green peppers, and threw that baby in for another 6-8 minutes or so.  What I got was a revelation.  The peppers were perfect, and that thick, hand-tossed crust had gotten perfectly crispy.  I turned a doughy mess into a perfect pie.

Now, I know people who will only use the oven to warm up leftover pizza (Spanky), but I’ve never seen anyone throw a freshly delivered pizza in the oven.  I’m converted.  I may only order cheese pizza from now on and dress it up myself.  That would conceivably save at least a buck or two on each order.  Plus, your pizza will always be fresh out of the oven (instead of being fresh out of this dude’s hatchback):

I don’t think this plan would work well with something like a Pizza Hut thin crust.  You’d end up with plywood.

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