A plethora of revelations

“Would you say that I have a plethora….?” -El Guapo
1. Most of us are currently all fired up on international affairs here at Soupy Trumpet. 2. I don’t give a shit if you’re not down with it 3. Keith Olbermann is the Master Ranter and I should quit because I can’t even hold a candle to his ass

Here’s the Master at work:

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Windows media:
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Very soon, I’m going to Arby’s frequently. I’ll sample all those goddamned obscure sandwiches they have, and I’m going to review them. I’m going to have to do this to stay sane, because BUSHCO is driving me crazy. I can’t keep doing this.

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  1. I am not sure if this is to be interpreted as a praise of “KO” or not, but I must say that he is an all out self-righteous douche. His politics, I mean sports talk, on the Dan Patrick show are enough to make you cringe. He and his crew there literally sit and listen to each other come up with big words and concepts and then come up with “witty banter” like they are the old bickering married couple. “Oh you guys…cut it out. Couple of cards, you.”

    I actually heard him call someone a quote “moron” for using the wrong word. She said, “… a man of his statue.” I hope that he gets a job on PBS or CMT so I will never even accidentily tune into any shows featuring a brain of his statue.

  2. All pundits are self-righteous douches. So are you. So am I. So are all your favorite commentators on the Falcons (mwuhaha). Whateva.

    I won’t vouch for 100% of everything *anyone* says–not even Taguchi. So maybe I should qualify my “Master Ranter” label.

    He sure pins down Chimpy.

    I do notice that your commentary doesn’t address what KO says in the video.

  3. I have not looked at the video, knowing he is in it is enough for me to not watch it. I am certain that he is intelligent and has enough access to be well informed. I am not doubting his scholastic qualities.  With access to the information and direct sources that he has, he has to be informed to some respectable level.  If he wants to be a newscaster let him be, but it is played out on sports radio.  I do know that when two men (DP & KO) have repeated “dead air” on a radio show it usually spells disaster.  In their case, it is the two of them pausing for us to take in the knowledge they just dropped.  Or a rhetorical question that they dropped to boggle our lil’ brains.  They have turned the sensoral drug of ESPN that I fieneded for years into something I can no longer tolerate.   Somehow one of them has bounced from network to network, genre to genre, and ended up as a newscaster.

    I am absolutely convinced he speaks for the sole purpose of showing “us” how much smarter he is than we are.  He is able to wrap his brain around concepts that none of us could dream to be able to.  In his mind maybe we “need” him to tell us his perspective of the facts so that we can then pass on his word as factual rather than interpretation.  This guy makes my face heard from being mad listening to him…or am I just jealous that he is soooo smart?

    “Big Show” – Yuck

  4. I clicked the link to be fair to your post.

    I’ll say that I do not completely disagree with his message. I do find him presumptuous in some of his accusations. I do find some of his language inappropriate and irresponsible. What are his motives? Is he just speaking his mind or his he trying to spark change? If he is trying to spark change, let’s see him man up and take this thing a bit farther.

    I think he just wants us to hear how well he can say what he believes we all would say if we knew what he was talking about.

    He called a lady a “moron” for mispeaking a word, he boffed “rhetoric.” Does that make him a moron too? How long does he have to just rant his ass off uninterrupted? He must be carrying a flag for his network as they allow him to babble, name call, accuse, and slander for as long as he wants. I find that personally irresponsible.

    Worst of all, in his speech he speaks to “us”, then to “President Bush” directly, back to “us”, and then back to “Bush”. If he wants to talk to President Bush then do so. His open ended talking is like high school kids talking about beating up the bully when he is not around. It is cowardly (while he thinks he is being heroic) and meaningless.

    This video was intended to show the rah rah American spirit and it actually sounded more like exactly what is wrong with America. No need to be prepared for this sportscaster to take a run at congress. He is merely a squeaky wheel that complains from the outside.

  5. Slander? I won’t hear it.

    You’re bordering on attacking the person too much, instead of the argument.

    A lot of your post is based on gut reaction, and it should be focused more on KO’s logic.

    He’s claiming that Bush is making shit up–and that seems very plausible and clear.

    The motives are actually irrelevant. If one dude talks shit and then another dude calls him out on it, then the motive is defeating shit talk. That’s what is going on.

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