About Soupy Trumpet

Grown Pumpkin is the brainchild behind Soupy Trumpet, so I’ll reserve this top spot for him.

I, MC Spanky McGee, view Soupy Trumpet primarily as a rant site, a place where several douchebags can review entities of all kinds, including food, music, movies, sports, etc. Propaganda is churned out for favorable items, activities and people, and scorn is heaped upon weak tea. We love to clown photos by tearin’ them up with some Photoshop (although my Photoshop skills are jankety-janked out).

One’s eating habits are always under the microscope, so make sure you put on an acceptable performance at Old Country Buffet (preferably at brunch).

We also dork it out by discussing computer tips and throwin’ hate at teabaggers on Halo 3.


Soupy Trumpet is updated frequently. Add it your live bookmarks by clicking on the images3.jpg in your browser’s address bar.

One thought on “About Soupy Trumpet

  1. Dear MC Spanky McGee,

    I’m the director of the upcoming feature-length documentary THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS (peoplevsgeorge.com), which will premiere in March at a major film festival (details TBA February 4th). I just stumbled upon your really cool “George Lucas Cash Cow” image, and I’d like your permission to use it in our film.

    Our documentary deconstructs, from a cultural perspective, the evolving dynamic between George Lucas and his fans; and since our website’s launch in late 2007, the project has received considerable attention from the fans and the media. We’re aiming for a theatrical release, so this is an added opportunity for your work to be seen by a wide audience around the world.

    Because of our current post-production schedule, I would appreciate a response from you at your earliest convenience. If you’re interested, I will simply need you to fill out a release form to give us permission to use your image in our film, without relinquishing any of your rights, of course. Needless to say, you’ll be credited appropriately.

    I hope to hear from you very soon!

    Kind regards,

    Alexandre O. Philippe
    The People vs. George Lucas
    An Exhibit A Picture

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