MC Spanky McGee’s Profile

MC Spanky really likes Wendy’s #6, and does not buy the so-called purist’s prohibition against adding onions or pepperjack to Spicy Chicken. Spanks also rocks out El Burrito Loco. Steak N Shake is always given respect.

Winners: Arby’s, Taco Bell, Burger King.
Losers: Taco John’s, Panchero’s and people who don’t cuss.

MC Spanky is a firm believer in evolution, loves his iPod, and does not like the Republican Party.


Spanky also likes double-bass-driven metal (Tool, Lamb of God, Slipknot, etc), funk, classic rock, but also likes classical and pop music. Spanky’s favorite drummers are Danny Carey, Dave Grohl, and Chad Smith. Chris Adler is a badass. His fav guitarists are Adam Jones, Slash, John Frusciante, Kirk Hammett, and Dave Gilmour.
Spanky is considering going to Mac on his next computer purchase, but is nervous about this. He also gets his ass kicked by Chessmaster 10 on a regular basis.


Spanks does not like white soccer cleats, but he’s coming to accept their universal dildonicity and is trying to cope.

Spanky’s been waiting for his “perfect moment”: Driving along in the Toyota (does that thing have a Hemi?), the Spanks gets cut off by a turqoise minivan going 70 MPH with a “Baby on Board” sticker in the window. He then follows the minivan to the mall where he gets out and gives the fat woman driving it a big hug. Then he takes her on a shopping spree on the credit card (that’s right–the card that was was maxed out yesterday but just got the credit limit bumped up another 10 Gs that morning). They top it off with a trip to Ye Ole Country Buffet. If it ever happens, he’d probably be subjected to the rapture…

Spanky can be contacted at

Taguchi getting ready to rock out El Burrito Loco (you can barely see the K and the S from his “Creed Sucks” T-shirt):


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