Appeals court says Texas had no right to seize children from FLDS

Imagine that. Well, I guess this legal disaster is going to lurch on. You know that the Texas authorities are going to pull some other gambit.

Looks like these kids get to go back to the loony farm, at least for a little while.

Hey, the FLDS should feel lucky Janet Reno isn’t around. We know what tactics she likes to use.


-MC Spanky McGee

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2 thoughts on “Appeals court says Texas had no right to seize children from FLDS

  1. There are many things about the FLDS that makes me sad. Especially in todays world.

    However you have to hand it to them on many fronts:
    1. The kids are well mannered and very respectful.
    2. There is complete order and the whole camp is incredibly clean.
    3. There is no violent crime, nor any guns.
    4. Everyone works very hard and everyone works as a team.
    5. By and large they are self-sufficient.
    6. They pretty much keep to themselves and really don’t cause any trouble.

  2. While I agree that the government has bigger fish to fry, I think the real question comes down to whether there is physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse going on. If so, something should be done. And things start to get really tricky if these women consent to the lifestyle they are given. But if they have no means (either psychologically or physically) of getting out, then intervention might be advisable. But it’s hard when such a life is the only one they know.

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