Arby’s+stocks+Cub Foods=I’m a good American.

I thought I was going to eat lunch at home, but I realized that I had an opportunity to make good partially on my pledge concerning Arby’s. So, after I bought stock in AMD, Yahoo, and Sirius today, I went and got my first roast turkey and swiss sandwich, which ran me close to $7.


As usual, the curly fries got the job done. The sandwich was very good, and its HUSK-FACTOR was about an 8. I think they knew they had to make it fairly big to compete with their roast beef flagship, and they succeeded. My complaint, however, is that you can easily make this sandwich at home (lettuce, tomato, onions, spicy mustard (I think) and wheat bread), and it would taste just as good. Furthermore, you’d save yourself about $5.

Prediction: Pumpkin will balk at the “Market Fresh” label it bears. I don’t think he likes hearing how “fresh” anything is. I already said that I’d be exploring their more obscure sandwiches, just to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything. Although this sandwich was good, I doubt I’ll be buying it again.


Next: my adventure at Cub Foods. In a previous post, Pumpkin lamented the failure of Jimmy John’s employees to offer conscientiously a cup to him. One thing that bugs me is people who go through the line at Cub foods only to block the way out with their cart. You’d like to get your cart through there so that you can park on the other side to collect your groceries, but NOOOOOOO–Susie McSelf-absorbed has already claimed the land for Spain. Now, the response that Taguchi made to Pumpkin’s post equally applies to this post, but, goddamnit, why should I have to say something??? As Pops McGee taught us McGee children, “Pay attention to your fucking environment.” Ok, he doesn’t drop the F-bomb, but whatever. Look, lady, you know I’m back there. Get that cart situated and we can all be happy.

But maybe I’m missing something. She might be entitled. After all, she spent her money first, she got there first, and she was going to start consuming gasoline before I was. I got beat out of the starting gate, and she had every God-cosigned right to be there, with her Zamboni taking up the little Cub Foods Chute of Consumption. Praise Jesus.

On the way back from Cub, I saw all these trucks on the road, getting ready to deliver shit people bought, and I felt good. I thought, “I’m buying stock, out spending money on sandwiches I can make at home, I’m consuming gasoline, trucks are rollin’, goddamn I’m a great American.

Well, maybe not as good as Susie. But hey–my stock portfolio is up $9.36.


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Spanky really likes Wendy's #6, and does not buy the so-called purist's prohibition against adding onions or pepperjack to Spicy Chicken. Spanks also rocks out El Burrito Loco in DeKalb, IL. Winners: Arby's, Taco Bell, and Burger King. Losers: Taco John's and people who don't cuss. Slappy is a firm believer in evolution, loves his iPod, and does not like the Republican Party. Slappy also likes double-bass-driven metal (Tool, Lamb of God, etc), funk, classic rock, but also likes classical and pop music.

1,231 thoughts on “Arby’s+stocks+Cub Foods=I’m a good American.

  1. Pops McGee…my guy…with the Octagon.

    As for dealing with Susie, I find that there are ways to say “excuse me” that convey the proper mood. I like to get rid of the e- and then follow it up with some honey. Example:

    Tagooch (gruff): “SKEWS me”
    Susie: “Oh, I’m sorry. Let me get…”
    Tagooch (nice & sweet, with a smile): “Oh, you’re fine, mam. Thanks.”

    Then I roll through there like gangbusters, and I’m golden. I’m like that handsome young man…you know, the fella with the hair…and the scars. “Ma’am.”

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