Cash Video from the Station House

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

3 things:

1. Could the stationary camera angle have been any more perfect for this?

2. See if you can catch what the cop says in the last 3 seconds of the vid.

3. Can you imagine the property damage if this had been me?

3 thoughts on “Cash Video from the Station House

  1. Impossible. Pumpkin’s never been drunk. However, I have witnessed more than a few cards/dice games where Pumpkin was, uh…involuntarily poisoned with the fruits of other peoples’ vices.

    I should point out that he it wasn’t involuntary enough to make him get up and leave.

  2. A) stop the hate.

    B) in a moment reminiscent of our pal Brutus, I wondered “where’d you get that video of me”.

    C) cats and cold medicine are my kryptonite, any other attempt to poison Dr. Pumpkin were futile efforts only embellished by supreme skills of said doctor.

    D) there was a dude in their “camera room” as made clear by the fact that “he” zoomed in on the hole after fall number 2… aka this dude was getting clowned behind the scenes too.

    E) I LOVE this video.

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