Imagine that. Kanye acts like a jackass again.

Bonnaroo crowd tells Kanye West he sucks

West had been scheduled to take the main stage at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival at 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning. While the sleepy thousands in the audience waited, a message on the jumbotrons told them West’s show would be delayed until 3:15 a.m., and when that didn’t happen, that he would start at 3:30. West didn’t hit the stage until 4:25 a.m “

Kanye’s head is so big that he jumped up in the air and got stuck.

Whether he’s telling lies at Lollapalooza or being late at Bonnaroo, Kanye West has demonstrated that he thinks that he is a god.

Newsflash, Kanye. The crowd isn’t buying it anymore. Frankly, I think this asshole should be sent into obscurity, and his albums should never be bought again.

Kanye doesn’t have one-tenth of the musical ability of Adam Jones.

Act like a professional. The only way to cure these “fevered egos” (thank you, Bill Hicks), is to kick them to the curb. But, of course, what army I am leading? None….

-MC Spanky McGee

Brief review: Russian Circles, live at the Picador, June 3rd, 2008.

I saw Russian Circles last night in Iowa City at the Picador. My bro and an old buddy of his drove out for this show.

This was my first encounter with this band, and I was very happy. The drummer, Dave Turncrantz, makes me think of a Dave Grohl-Danny Carey bastard love child. Since I am a drummer, this is the first thing to which I listen in hearing a band.

One thing that I noted was that the guitarist, Mike Sullivan, is very rhythmically-minded, and this gives Turncrantz something to latch on to. When drummers aren’t led by this kind of guitarist, they sound too busy. But the three musicians complement each other quite nicely, and they keep things interesting enough that you don’t even miss a voice. (They’re instrumental. Ballsy–and awesome).

If you’re an old Rush fan like myself, you’ll dig this kind of music.

It’s no wonder that Tool had these guys open on the European leg of the tour.

So, as I’m still unfamiliar with this band (and as I was kinda Drunky McGee last night), you don’t get much from my review other than a general “HELL YEAH!”

$8 = a goddamned bargain for 3 great musicians.

-MC Spanky McGee

Weezer’s “Pork and Beans” video

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

Weezer reminds us about how dorky we all are for loving the internet–for being on on it.

Brilliant. It’s a “best-of” video.

And if you don’t recognize many of the clips in this video, you’re a damned Luddite.

The tune isn’t bad. It’s pretty classic Weezer, but that can’t hurt anybody.

-MC Spanky McGee

Spanky’s metal review: Black Tide

Listen to the three goddamned songs at this website.

Apparently these dude are fifteen, and they’re from Miami, and they already have a record deal from Interscope.


Maybe I’m old. Maybe I’m jaded. Maybe I’m jealous. But maaaaaaybe I have some metal-wisdom.

Listen up, fuckers. Black Tide is nothing new. At all. They are Metallica (the Master-of-Puppets version), Slayer, a dash of Dave Mustaine, and Skid Row all rolled up into one.

Frankly, I think that Snake (of Skid Row) should kick some of their asses for ripping off his shit.

I don’t really have much to say, other than that this band is merely a record label’s cheap gimmick. All the guitar shit, all the drum shit, and all the lyrics, such as “Warriors of time,” are all 80s throwbacks.

Hell yes, I said it. 1. Those BOYS ain’t gonna read this review 2. They ain’t gonna care, even if they did.

I could listen to some little punks recreate some shit to which I listened while growing up. I’d rather just get out my old shit, hear the real deal, and rock out to Tommy Lee dropping fat syncopated swishes on “Dr. Feelgood.”

-MC Spanky McGee………. over and out

Dave Grohl Open Letter to Metallica

On the site, Dave Grohl wrote an open letter to Metallica:

Dear Metallica, Hey, it’s Dave! Remember me? Yeah, I’m the guy that’s been listening to your band faithfully since 1983. I bought your first album ‘Kill ‘Em All’ from a mailorder catalogue called Under The Rainbow, I think. Actually I can’t remember. It was 1983 for Christsakes! But that album changed my life and I’ve been listening to your albums ever since (even ‘St Anger’!).

I can’t wait to hear the new sh*t, and no matter what you guys do I’ll always be first one at the shop waiting to hear it. I’m sure you’ll come out and blow everybody’s f**kin’ minds, because you’re f**kin’ METALLICA!

Good luck. And don’t release it until it’s kick-ass.

Yours, Dave Grohl.

P.S. Are you finished recording the drums yet?

My interpretation: Metallica used to rock. St. Anger sucked. If at any point you realize the product is going to (again) stain your legacy with another disaster, don’t release it. PS–Lars used to rock. Now he sucks. Call me.

(none of this is groundbreaking. Spanky said it long ago)

I hope I’m not helping publicize a scam.


Revolver mag dedicates entire issue to Tool. What about the new album?

Well, there might be “the” new album. Let’s come back to that in a sec.

In answer to the overwhelming number of requests from readers around the world, we can confirm that Revolver’s special 2008 issue, entirely devoted to prog-metal wizards Tool, will indeed be available in countries around the world. “

I’m picking this shit up. It’s true.

Now, let’s get wildly speculative here.

This is an odd time for such an issue to come out. Why would they release this magazine 2 full years after the latest album? It doesn’t make much sense. Normally this move is pulled in the entertainment industry just after a new album has come out. The reason is simple: the mag plays off the hype of the new album, the mag promotes the album, and everyone wins. Duh.

But why now?

There are the rumors that Tool is working on a new album. I don’t know shit about it, as I’ve already said. But the timing of this issue might be a pump-primer. The magazine itself says that fan demand drove it. But something is still off….

Bear in mind that I’m only speculating. Wildly. More to follow on this bullshit.

-MC Spanky McGee

Download the New Nine Inch Nails Album “The Slip” For Free

Trent Reznor and the Nine Inch Nails (NIN) are offering up their new album “The Slip” as a multi-format download that is currently only available by downloading it.  The best part is either the fact that it is free (and not degraded sound quality) or that they encourage you to send them remixes of the album again.

You have to give them a valid email address and they will send you the link to choose your format.  There is even a choice of “above CD quality” audio and of course the hi-res album artwork is available as well.

This is either a really huge publicity stunt that will spring board users into some sort of new way of spending money or it is a brilliant stroke of acknowledging (like Jay-Z just did with Live Nation or Disturbed did by offering two new tracks on Rock Band DLC before they can be bought as mp3′s just by pre-ordering the album at Best Buy ) that selling “CD’s” is not THE way to make money off of your music anymore.  That being said, if you want to support the band or feel the need to hold an actual physical album, NIN says there will be CD and vinyl versions available in July.

Found on YouTube – mozart is my boo

I was up late and caught some of Amadeus last night on HBO or what not. I decided to look up a bit more about the drunken composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart…

Went here
Went there
Went to Wikipedia
Went to YouTube

and found this awesome comment under the “Mozart Requiem Mass in D Minor VI – Confutatis and Lacrimosa” video that I was watching (which I have heard done better IMHO).

mozart is my boo comment on YouTube

“mozart is my boo” – that’s awesome zombie7272!