The rise and fall of “U mad, bro?”

I think it was about a year ago that I first started seeing “You mad bro?” getting used on Xbox Live with any regularity. It has been around for a while–this is true–but it only really blew up recently. Its bastard little brother, “Cool story, bro” has now achieved the same status.

“U mad bro?” is now everywhere: gamertags, clan tags (“UMAD”), and on t-shirts and hoodies. Take a look at this numbnuts, | Mr Nyce | , who’s posing on Facebook in his “Cool story, bro” hoodie:

Timmy Nyce

| Mr Nyce | in his "Cool story bro" hoodie.

“U mad bro?” is effective partly because there are so many gamers who really are mad. But it’s also because ”U mad bro?” is so easy to remember. After all, why bother putting time and effort into a really clever and biting insult when you can just pop out a “U mad bro?”

However, “U mad bro?” has taken a turn for the worse. I’ve run into dolts that toss a “U mad bro?” when they lost the game. You’d think that “U mad bro?” is reserved for winners only. Not so, anymore, my fine gaming friends. Now any loser can use it. Did you just go 4 and 13 on Countdown in Halo: Reach? Is your KDR on Black Ops .83? Did you blow what would’ve been the winning snipe shot? Just remember, when the other team sends you a message ripping on your miserable failure, just poop out a “U mad bro?”, even if it makes no fucking sense to do so. That would be kinda like this:

u mad bro

In other words, “U mad bro?” has overstayed its welcome. It’s old. It’s brokedown, just like your DMR.

Oh, I know what some of you are thinking. “U mad about ‘U mad bro?’ bro?” Or you might say, “Only scrubs would hear ”U mad bro?” so often.”

Aren’t you clever? You’re going to meta-bro me? You can jam your attempt to congratulate yourself on our blog right up your ass. 1. We’ve never heard of you, bro, so don’t act like you’re good. (You’re gonna sign in under a pseudonym, anyway, you pussy.) 2. You know that “U mad bro?” has been watered down into absolute donkeypiss, and 3. You are now part of the problem, not the solution.

So am I mad? Yeah–I’m not thrilled that so many gamers have become so stupid that they cannot even use “U mad bro?” in the correct context. This is an indication that the quality of shittalk has gone down–not up. And that should piss off any self-respecting thinking gamer.

Das Burrito Doctor has spoken.



Download the New Nine Inch Nails Album “The Slip” For Free

Trent Reznor and the Nine Inch Nails (NIN) are offering up their new album “The Slip” as a multi-format download that is currently only available by downloading it.  The best part is either the fact that it is free (and not degraded sound quality) or that they encourage you to send them remixes of the album again.

You have to give them a valid email address and they will send you the link to choose your format.  There is even a choice of “above CD quality” audio and of course the hi-res album artwork is available as well.

This is either a really huge publicity stunt that will spring board users into some sort of new way of spending money or it is a brilliant stroke of acknowledging (like Jay-Z just did with Live Nation or Disturbed did by offering two new tracks on Rock Band DLC before they can be bought as mp3′s just by pre-ordering the album at Best Buy ) that selling “CD’s” is not THE way to make money off of your music anymore.  That being said, if you want to support the band or feel the need to hold an actual physical album, NIN says there will be CD and vinyl versions available in July.

GTA IV at Midnight – See You All Later

GTA 4 Special Edition with Vaseline

The Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) video game comes out for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 tonight at midnight.  I was one of the suckers lucky ones that was able to reserve the special edition versions for the 360 at Best Buy for only $90 (pictured above – Vaseline not included).  I am admittedly happy and yet still sad because I will not see all of you.  I will likely see less of Call of Duty 4, and Halo 3 may not even know me anymore. (here we go again)

I am hoping the Xbox Live service can hang tough this time.  If it does, the game that IGN rated a 10, will be a slam-dunk for the 360 over the PS3 just for the online play.

Spanky ignore your initial thoughts and come to the darkside, make the purchase!

Halo 3 Betrayal: “If pigs could fly…”

Look, even if you don’t play Halo 3, this is worth a look. It’s just one of life’s little crazy coincidences. A player gets betrayed in a most curious way.

It might get a mild chuckle out of you.

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

-MC Spanky McGee

Spanky is tired of Call of Duty 4. In particular, he’s tired of the noob toob and all of the juggernauts of the world.

A brief comment on GTA IV.

I’m not going to tell you what’s involved in this game. There are a million sites out there that already describe it.

My message to you is: I am NOT buying Grand Theft Auto IV.

“If players want they can jump online and never even play the single-player again,” Jeronimo Barrera, vice president of game development, told GameTap. “Online is a serious time sucker. You’re going to have to be really careful if you’re married,” he added with a smile.

No shit, Jeronimo. I know this game is going to kick a ton of ass, but keep that shit away from me. I will end up like this:

I totally lost control with Halo 3, although I’m doing better with COD 4.

But I am not going anywhere near GTA IV. Fuck that. I’ll end up like one of those Chinese dudes in the internet cafes. D E A D.

Or pretty close to it.

-MC Spanky McGee

Hillary Clinton’s Bosnia Mission Call of Duty Game

The crew over at Kotaku found a satirical piece by Bill Maher about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s flat out make believe mispoken Bosnia mission. It is a YouTube video that spoofs her alleged sniper fire incident by turning it into a Call of Duty (COD) video game by Activision. There is also a nice little John McCain Nintendo wii title they throw on at the end. Enjoy.

Hillary Lies: The Game

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

Boston Dynamics’ Big Dog (via Gizmodo via Youtube)

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

Ok, this thing is pretty fuckin’ awesome, except for the model airplane noise that would get this thing blasted out of the woods by an RPG during combat. You know that the government has a huge boner for robots, and I’m sure they’re getting all fired up about this one.

In the video, you’ll see that the Big Dog slips on the ice and recovers. That’s my fav part. The motion of the legs is pretty astounding.

-MC Spanky McGee

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 3-14-08

Here’s another Soupy Trumpet daily-dose of internet finds to enjoy:

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 3-10-08

Here’s another Soupy Trumpet daily-dose of internet finds to enjoy:

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