As a connoisseur of t-shirts, I have to say that the Petrolcide shirt that Bro Taguchi gave me is pretty high up on my list. The best part is you get to live out the irony as you fill up when you’re wearing it.
There’s nothing more American than “sucking at the teat”–filling up at the the gas station–which is the heart and soul of our economy.

Too bad the price of gas is going down lately. That means my bling-status is dropping. Shit. Taguchi and I have speculated that in five years rappers will not wear diamonds, but instead will hang gas cans around their necks and brag about how much gas they have. That’s because the price of gas will be worth more than a “midget hangin’ from my necklace.”
The only problem with the T shirt is that it does invoke the gas station scene in Zoolander. But maybe that’s not a problem, on second thought–because it’s actually the same idea. Just substitute yourself for Derek Zoolander.
Pick it up at

And no, is not paying us for this. I just dig their style. Furthermore, I’m an oil-addict, too. Damnit.
-Spanky McGee, CEO of Bling-Bling Oil Co.