Vince Young Drunk and Topless at Sausage Fest

Vince Young Topless

There are pictures of Tennessee Titan quarterback Vince Young topless at a club getting drunk with mostly other topless dudes around.  I have no problem with a professional football player, an NFL star even, getting drunk and partying with his boys (ie: Cedric Benson & Vikings Boat Trip).  It gets a little weird when the dudes are indoors and start taking off their shirts with no few women around.  The story is chuckle worthy at best if you read… nothing to see here people, move along.

Party on Vince.

Get Pubic Lice in the Mail Not Just From Dirty Girls

Mailorder Pubic Lice

There is a website called that apparently sends pubic lice to you via mail if you send them your address and a dollar. “Bug Girl” called the dude’s bluff and “Bugger” responded by sending her a package (by way of a reporter). The photos she took are pretty funny since you can see the hair off the dude’s ball bag and the jank instructions (highlighted above).

It is relieving to know that you can lice the same way you can get dog poop – sent right to your home. Before you needed to brush up with one of Rob & Big‘s Dirty Girls to get crabs and STD’s.

Bobby Light – Dirty Girl
[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

From the FAQ:

If you’re a pretty girly in the metro area and you wanna get polinated, then email me and maybe we can get together.

They gotta have someplace to live. Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, lice gotta orbit uranus. Like the saying goes, one in the bush is better than none in the hand.

Jon Lovitz: At least he didn’t use the N-word

Here is a short “report” on Jon Lovitz’s saying shit that he shouldn’t be saying:

Jon Lovitz Tells a Joke

“Jeremiah Wright said that aids was invented by the government to kill black people… [pause] …government, they aren’t doing a very good job…[pause]… I mean because it’s spread to everybody.”

Before Lovitz tries to clarify what he means, the initial impression is that Lovitz appears to be saying that if the government invented aids to kill black people, the government is not doing a good job because the size of the “remaining” black population. And if that was what Lovitz was saying, then it would be natural to think he might be implying that the government needs to do a better job.

However, given his “I mean because it’s spread to everybody” it seems he intends the “joke” to be a jab at Wright’s claim that the government invented aids to kill blacks, since it would be pretty stupid of the government to think that such a “weapon” would be very accurate and remain in the black population. (Perhaps Lovitz is giving the government too much credit)

Anyway, I don’t take Lovitz to be making a racist joke, much less a “very racist joke,” but just saying shit he shouldn’t be saying, given how easy it is to misinterpret it.

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 4-25-08 part 2

Spanky beat me to the punch, so here is a second edition… oops

Here’s another Soupy Trumpet daily-dose of internet finds to enjoy:

Spanky would like to add this video on DoubleViking:
“Something is goin’ on, can I smell yo’ dick?”

The Other Guy in Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora Drives Drunk – Gets DUI

Bon Jovi\'s Richie Sambora Mugshot

Richie Sambora, guitarist of Bon Jovi, was charged in Laguna Beach (California) today for driving his Hummer drunk with kids in the vehicle back in March.  Sambora received two DUI related misdemeanor charges for weaving across lanes and blowing a .13 bac.

Dude is rich and a woman was in the car (sober enough to be allowed to take the children with her)… point is “Hey dingle dick, let somebody else drive“.  He was lucky to avoid child endangerment charges.

He had been in rehab twice in 2007.  I hope that he gets it together, lets somebody else drive when he is blitzed, or is on the road alone when he learns the ultimate lesson.

Where’s Terrell Owens? Porn Shoot with the Bang Bros Maybe?

Is that Terrell Owens in the background of a Bang Bros porn shoot?

Several blogs are speculating that Dallas Cowboy football superstar Terrell Owens is seen in the background of a photo (above) at a hardcore porn photo shoot by the Bang Bros. This reminds me of Where’s Waldo (also above) and only really gets mentioned because IF this is TO, then him cheesing in the background is pretty funny. I can’t imagine NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would be too happy.

In terms of this being some “dirty” sex scandal or something, this photo does not hold any weight. Apparently TO, or this guy, is not seen in any of the other pictures and the Bang Bros crew did not respond when asked by reporters whether Terrell Owens had a cameo in one of their pieces. Is it possible he was just walking by? This photo almost looks like the dude and the alleged TO are sharing a “I can’t believe a pro football player is coincidently walking up on a dude about to get some dome” moment.

TO continually gets press for his body, but he would really have to do more than this picture to top Dennis Rodman‘s sexcapade photos.

Who are the Bang Bros (NSFW) anyway? They didn’t ever have a bus (NSFW) did they?

el oh el

You Got Rick Rolled – Great Minds Think Alike

Rick Roll at Wikipedia

The Rick Rolling (definition of Rick Roll) phenomenon is no surprise to the Soupy Trumpet crew. In fact Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” is one of our favorite songs that we jam out to on the regular. One thing that I like to do when playing Halo 3 with Spanky and random douchebags is to play the song through the headset, breathe heavy and tell them I am “just getting some reps in”. The responses generally range from confusion, annoyance, and mostly homosexual slander. For my part that cracks me up, although I am provoking it. Even more funny to me is finding other jams to rotate in like “She Drives Me Crazy” by the Fine Young Cannibals or the Brian Adams Robin Hood song.  Tay Zonday (aka Chocolate Rain guy) has a tight version of Astley’s jam too.

Check out You Got Rick Rolled for more on the internet craze or for a browser shaking – impossible to close – experience check out Rick Rolling and hate me when you are done.