Lolla Follow-up

I’m betting Pumpkin and Brosiah Taguchi will add on this and maybe even kick me in the jizunk for some of these nuggs, but a post on the 2006 Lollaplaooza is needed.

Here are some awards:

Best surprise: Matisyahu. His band rocks, and that mofo can tear up some beatbox. I could’ve done without the preaching, but I knew what I was in for.
Lipton’s Weak Tea award: Kanye West. (Look, Broba Fett, don’t rip off Gnarls Barkley. You’re supposed to be some original dude–so original, in fact, that you are using strings for the first time in hip hop. WHAT????? Bullcrap.
Domino’s Delivery award: Queens of the Stone Age. Homme came out like he had been playing ZONK for 4 hours, but tore it up. Joey Castillo is a badass, even if he’s laying down Dave Grohl’s stuff in many songs. You knew Queens was gonna rock–and they did.

Just Doin’ Ok award: three-way tie: Common, Dresden Dolls, Hot Chip.

Shiny Happy People award: The Go Team. Jesus. This is the happiest damn band on the planet. Like Blue’s Clues kinda happy. Or maybe Barney on speed.
Spanky realizes that his missing the Flaming Lips was probably a big mistake.

-Spanktronic 2112