Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 6-17-2008


Newly found planets make case for ‘crowded universe’

How to Make Windows Vista Less Annoying

Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3

How to rescue a stinky T-shirt (Coping with str…

Cindy McCain Caught Plagiarizing Recipes AGAIN

Dealzmodo: Amazon MP3 Albums For $1.99 (Starting With Coldplay)

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 5-21-2008


Lost parrot knows address

Top 10 Firefox 3 Features

Vh1 Holding Metal Memorial

Oh shit. Metal weekend. SWEEEEEEEET!

McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Biscuit

Taguchi swears it’s cash.

FakeTV emulates human watching the tube, supposedly discourages thieves

Oh, come on. Like we need something to fake that. I think the burglar’s starting assumption is that your over-sized ass is in the couch watching TV. It’s the American thing to do.

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 5-15-2008


Girl’s twin found inside her stomach


How to Cram All Your Travel Gear in One Bag

NYU Student Creates Virtual Girlfriend—Shame She’s Only 2D

Yes, the dorks never cease to come up with new ways of pretending to get some.

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 5-9-2008


Obama narrows Clinton’s lead in superdelegates

Track Your Domino’s Pizza Order from a Terminal

Pumpkin will like that one.

Dorky. Very dorky.

Papa John’s $.23 Pizza Causing Huge Lines

How to get on Xbox Live with Dialup

Pumpkin and I have cracked on this concept so much, but someone apparently needs to get it done.

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 4-27-08

Washington Post:

Grand Theft Auto Release set for 4-29-08 leaked to web late last week

Falcons Select Ryan, Pumpkin trying to stay positive

Magic, Jazz both go up 3-1; Hawks Beat Celtics, series at 2-1

Lars is still a Major Player in the Douche Bag Game

Afghan President Karzai Survives Assassination Attempt

The Onion:

Badly Injured Man Not Done Partying Yet

Stoner Regales Friends with Tale of This One Bong he Saw in Iowa City Once (archive)

Iowa City Summer of the Arts:

Lineup for July 4 weekend Jazz Fest is a Juggernaut (MMW, Schofield, Redman)

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 4-25-08 part 2

Spanky beat me to the punch, so here is a second edition… oops

Here’s another Soupy Trumpet daily-dose of internet finds to enjoy:

Spanky would like to add this video on DoubleViking:
“Something is goin’ on, can I smell yo’ dick?”

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 4-25-2008


Student ‘Twitters’ out of jail

Next time Spanky gets arrested, he’s going to Twitter it and hope that Grown Pumpkin shows up in a Warthog.

RegToy Tweaks Your PC Every Which Way

Obama’s Half-Eaten Sausage, Waffle, Put on ebay


Wow. A glowing review from Erich Schulte, an old pal of yours truly.

-MC Spanky McGee

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 4-15-2008


Work with what ya got, I guess.

Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone

Scientists Use Lasers to Create Lightning; Using Lightning to Zap Your Enemies Still Pretty Far Off

Cindy McCain Plagarizing Food Network Recipes

#63: A Field Guide to Internet People: College Revolutionaries

How to crush a can on your head

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 4-3-2008


Obama gets heckled by some dork who “just wants a picture with the Senator.”

Firefox 3 Beta 5 Now Available For Download

Cook Better with Your Microwave than Your Stove

Sweet. I rock the microwave. I reheat DiGiorno and get frozen burritos ready to jam.

Blu-ray Awareness Hits 60%…Hooray?

That’s way better than the percentage of people who know the casualty number in Iraq. See:

Public Is Less Aware of Iraq Casualties, Study Finds

Twenty-eight percent of the public is aware that nearly 4,000 U.S. personnel have died in Iraq over the past five years, while nearly half thinks the death tally is 3,000 or fewer and 23 percent think it is higher, according to an opinion survey released yesterday.”

Burger King Releases Steakhouse Burger

Oh shit. That looks crazy. Looks like a review might be in the works.
Game review: Obscure: the aftermath

Looks like a ton of digital cleavage. Imagine that.

Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 4-1-2008


third graders plot to hurt their teacher.

Christ. Maybe it’s all the Halo… maybe it’s the parents…
Trim Down Windows to the Bare Essentials
‘Call of Duty 4′
Multiplayer Maps
Fenway to Offer Vending Machine Kosher Dogs

Sounds sooooooooo yummy!
How to Make a Pedal Board Out of an Old Briefcase
gizmodo goes with Mr T theme for April Fool’s Day.

-MC Spanky McGee