“Halo 3 teabag montage”: my critique

Ok, I have mixed feelings about this one:

[youtube width="425" height="355"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKtP9-9W7yg[/youtube]

1. “Master of Puppets” is a nice touch, but it is a bit played out. We saw “Old School,” too, and it was funny in there. Now you’re just recycling.

2. The teabags are out of context. Yeah, you worked over some dudes in your video, but we need more evidence. You’re not a douche that teabags when you’re up by 2 kills, are ya? Are you playing your little brother?

3. 4:25 is too much to dedicate to this little habit of yours. WRAP IT UP, SON!

4. You throw in “Sad But True”? Come on, man. I’m half surprised you didn’t throw in some Drowning Pool. That wouldn’t be too obvious or anything.

5. Aleczz, are you really Lars?

Now this is decent:

[youtube width="425" height="355"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Sdca0NYtPA&NR[/youtube]

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