Hospital hijinks

I got this email from my special lady friend a couple days ago. She was at the university hospital in Iowa City when this incident occurred. She writes:

“I was scouting out a wheelchair at the ramp II entrance. The doors are locked on game day and there was this couple waiting to get in. I opened the door, then realized the man was on a scooter. I went to push the wheelchair access button, when the woman cried out in pain. I looked up to see that the man was trying to run her down in the doorway. He said, “You can’t just stop in the middle of the door.” They asked about the doors being locked, well the woman did. The man seemed unconcerned. She said to him, “You’re not the only one that matters. There’s other people that need to get in and we need to tell them to come in the other entrance.” Both of these people are fat, as you can imagine, and in their 50′s or so. The man is wearing a black leather jacket advertising a “Texas Hold’em” slot machine. The woman got on her cell phone and tried to avoid being mowed down by the scooter guy. He was hilarious. He was a total “the casino’s my home away from home-been on disability since the 80′s-don’t get in my way at the buffet line-I got me a Rascal and I know how to use it” type. Anyway, you would have loved it.”

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