Jon Lovitz: At least he didn’t use the N-word

Here is a short “report” on Jon Lovitz’s saying shit that he shouldn’t be saying:

Jon Lovitz Tells a Joke

“Jeremiah Wright said that aids was invented by the government to kill black people… [pause] …government, they aren’t doing a very good job…[pause]… I mean because it’s spread to everybody.”

Before Lovitz tries to clarify what he means, the initial impression is that Lovitz appears to be saying that if the government invented aids to kill black people, the government is not doing a good job because the size of the “remaining” black population. And if that was what Lovitz was saying, then it would be natural to think he might be implying that the government needs to do a better job.

However, given his “I mean because it’s spread to everybody” it seems he intends the “joke” to be a jab at Wright’s claim that the government invented aids to kill blacks, since it would be pretty stupid of the government to think that such a “weapon” would be very accurate and remain in the black population. (Perhaps Lovitz is giving the government too much credit)

Anyway, I don’t take Lovitz to be making a racist joke, much less a “very racist joke,” but just saying shit he shouldn’t be saying, given how easy it is to misinterpret it.

One thought on “Jon Lovitz: At least he didn’t use the N-word

  1. First of all, TMZ sucks. Bunch of f*ing amateurs. Second, it’s pretty obvious he’s not trying to sound racist here. He’s trying to clown the government. Besides, it’s Jon Lovitz. The guy’s doing Subway commercials now, for Christ’s sake. And from the look of it, he’s now doing stand-up live from the video arcade at the Coral Ridge Mall. Let’s cut him some slack.

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