McCain: “Yes, Castro deserves to die, and I hope he burns in Hell!”

“But Spaaaanky, that’s not what Johnny McCain said.”

Oh yes, he did. Yes, he did.

McCain hoping Castro dies

Likely Republican presidential nominee John McCain says he doesn’t look for any major political reforms in Cuba until after Fidel Castro dies, adding he hopes that’s not far off.

As McCain put it during a campaign stop in Indiana Friday, ‘I hope he has the opportunity to meet Karl Marx very soon.’

That’s fucking awesome. Clearly McCain thinks that Marx is in Hell, and he thinks that Castro should join him.

I love people that wish Hell for others. It must feel so great to condemn, to give affirmation to the judgment that someone deserves infinite duration and quality of pain. It’s especially awesome when it’s a politician that does. It’s natural that this blather comes out of someone who probably views the USA as being a Christian nation. Heh.

Never mind that it makes no sense that anyone on Earf would deserves an infinite reward or punishment…. What sense of proportion is that?

(It’s bullshit).

Anyway, what McCain doesn’t realize is that he’s probably more metal than anything. I’ll lay down some double-bass for him. I think we could crank out some Hell-themed “tasty jams.”

mccain rock horns

-MC Spanky McGee

One thought on “McCain: “Yes, Castro deserves to die, and I hope he burns in Hell!”

  1. This is a bunch of pure bs. My grandfather personally knew Fidel Castro and he does deserve to go to hell. He is a bad person. Whoever wrote this is a stupid friekin liberal who needs an education and a life. I am Cuban and a republican, and I am offended by this article. CASTRO NEEDS TO GO T HELL!!!!!!! THAT IS THE GOSPEL TRUTH! Now whoever wrote this needs to f*** off and read what that bastard Fidel Castro did to millions of people including my family. I am very offended. I should sue you. Yes, Marx is in hell, because SOCIALISM DOESN’T WORK. WHOEVER THINKS SO NEEDS TO TELL ME WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN FOR THE PAST CENTURY. John McCain knows his crap. Obama is a good speaker, but he hasn’t done anything. There is documentation that he didn’t vote on any of the matters of the senate. He is a good speaker. That’s it. No experience. AT ALL. His idea for the economy is terrible because taxing the billionare company owners is going to mean that they won’t have money to pay people so they will start laying people off. So SUCK ON THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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