McFly Sr.’s Douche Chills

Crispin Glover

It’s been almost 20 years since Crispin Glover was on the old-school David Letterman show as a guest.  I stumbled across a video on myspace that made me do some research and I found that this guy was (at least at that time and up to 2002) a fruitcake.  His appearance on that program sent preverbial douche chills up and down my husky spine.  I am around people that act like this on a regular basis, but this appearance was borderline ridonkulous… scratch that, it was all the way inappropriate.  Enjoy and please do some follow-up reading to the other wierd stuff this guy is known for.

I do have to say that there are reports that say he is merely in character for a role he was filming at the time and no drugs were present.  Maybe, and if so, kudos to him for his performance.  However, the rest of what he is about is odd and I feel different about myself after watching that video.

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Here is his FREAKY film site…PLEASE watch the trailer and report what you make of it.

[gv data="4JpZWaXFc48"][/gv]

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