The AP reports that a huge royal rumble broke out in Mexico’s congress today! All morning I’ve been running around in my tidy-whiteys and the free Nacho Libre mask that came with the DVD. Picture me back in Best Buy:”Hmmmm, which DVD to buy? The Da Vinci Code? Nah. Free Nacho Libre mask? Hell yeah…”

That’s what we need in our congress–a little elbow drop action. Cheney and Hastert would make a beefy tag team, although I doubt Cheney’s little heart could take all the action. He’s sensitive, ya know. Pelosi and Condi could have a round in the ring. That’d be super-rad.

Below: Mexican politicians wrangle over a piece of legislation concerning pizza rolls:


-P.S. If you don’t like my photoshopping, beg Grown Pumpkin to come out of his cave. He’s supposedly a pro. I know I suck at it. Like you care. Bwaaaah!

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