Michigan’s attempt for another vote fails.

No deal reached on Michigan revote

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House suffered a blow Thursday when Michigan’s state Senate adjourned without passing a bill to schedule a new Democratic primary.

The Senate’s inaction makes it nearly impossible that a revote will occur.

Once again, we can see who’s to blame for the problems in Florida and Michigan. I’ve said it over and over–it’s the elected officials in those states. But Hillary will have you believe that it’s Barack Obama that’s doing it. Absurd, as I’ve already said.

A top Michigan Democrat expressed frustration Wednesday with Obama for not embracing the state’s proposal.

“The Obama people are blocking it in the Legislature,” said the Democratic source, who has not backed either candidate.

The source also said negotiators repeatedly and unsuccessfully have reached out to the campaign for input and cooperation.

The source said that Obama’s campaign has been asked to craft an alternative or to meet with the Clinton camp to work out an acceptable compromise, but that those requests have been met with silence.

However, a state senator who supports Obama said supporters of both sides are contributing to the logjam.

Yes, yes. The finger pointing is all over the place. I’m doing it, too. But the problem started at the state level, and has continued at the state level.

The question should be, Who started Florida and Michigan on these paths?

-MC Spanky McGee

One thought on “Michigan’s attempt for another vote fails.

  1. Spanky, I’ve been a little surprised at your analysis of this issue. You repeatedly indicate that there are folks to blame for this “problem.” There is no problem here. There was a bed that was made, a competition that was set out and rules that were AGREED TO BY EVERYONE.


    That was waaaay back when Hill was the big dog and nobody even looked like they had a shot to knock her off the pedestal. Now people are understandably crying foul because their votes aren’t being counted in a race that is both close and historical. I realize that may be a problem for them, but it was just as much of a problem in September (when all this was settled) as it is now. VOTERS IN THOSE STATES HAD A CHANCE TO REJECT THE DATE CHANGE. And as the above article points out, there are legitimate reasons why Iowa and NH are first in line…and why larger states like Michigan and Florida are later. The state DPs made a strategic trade-off (that they had surely been contemplating for a while) based in large part on the notion that the nominee was already decided. Sorry, bros….you gotta sit this one out. Simple trade. You’ll be uber-relevant next time. Congrats.

    Can you imagine that the Heat would now decide they want Shaq back and that there is a “problem” if Phoenix won’t give him back? This tactic from Hillary belongs in the 4-square circle at Dennis School. Hillary is playing “Black Magic” on people when the King never called it.

    So…big surprise. Michigan and Florida delegates still won’t be seated. Hill knew that would be the outcome from the start. She’s just dumping out her bag’o tricks…very successfully, I might add. Keep workin it, Hill. You’re a real crusader.

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