Microsoft. Myspace. My world.

The AP reports Microsoft plans to start a service to rival Myspace and Facebook. Read about it here.

This is awesome. I can’t wait until  I am subscribed to 15 social sites. Then I can spend all muthafuckin’ day checking my wall for new posts and seeing whether Jane McHotbody finally broke up with Johnny McDildo. All day I’ll wonder how many times chicks have checked out my profile. Who needs General Hospital when I have my own little soap opera?
The Future is going to be cool. We won’t hang out in person with people–EVER. Our little “avatars” will meet up online, and we’ll have a virtual Spicy Chicken at a virtual Wendy’s, and then head to the virtual bathroom for some virtual explosion. We will turn into the Sims.

Of course, we might want to be Sims. Look how many goddamn copies they sold of the game. We probably want to be Sims because the news makes us sad, and we can’t handle being sad.

One gets the feeling that our interaction with the internet is doing things to us psychologically that we can’t even fathom. I won’t speculate on what’s happening, but it does feel creepy from time to time…

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  1. Why not take this to the next step and look at and realize that you can pay actual real money to buy virtual property. You can pay real money to watch a virtual concert and pay real money to buy virtual supplies that you can virtually sell to other virtual persons and make real money to buy virtual upgrades to your virtual second-life pad.

    Brilliant on one level, scary on many more.

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