Oh, you Cardinals fans….

So I just got home and found this email from Bro Taguchi. He writes,
“I said if the Birds won, I’d buy beer. It’s 4 PM. I’m going to sleep
because I’ve been drinking for nearly a day. When I wake up, I’m going to
buy a keg of beer. [Here Taguchi inserts this video]
[gv data="IfA2MuUJDyI"][/gv]

[Taguchi continues to say:] I’m going to stay by my stainless steel friend until it’s gone, so if you
want to drink it tonight…come over and drink it. If not, I’ll take it to
Malpractice Bowl tomorrow and be the beer man. I’m planning on getting a
pony keg. If somebody wants to chip in the extra $25, I’ll go ahead and get
the 1/2 barrel. I’ll probably wake up around 7, so write back, call me, or
text by 7 to super-size the beer.”

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1,186 thoughts on “Oh, you Cardinals fans….

  1. That’s weak tea. Your homeboys won, you talked a lot of shit, and didn’t follow through.

    If you had made a bet, you might begrudgingly throw a keg if you had lost the bet.

    But you were talking about throwing a *celebration*.

    WEAK. Spanks McGee would’ve had such a party going in full force, and you know thisssss, maaaaan.

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