Re: Lolla

All agreed, except for the fact that Hot Chip should be reclassified as the winner of the “Good but not Good” Award. They were jammin for a minute, then they played Enya. Dunno…British music.

You didn’t miss anything with the Flaming Lips…except when Wayne came out in a bubble.

Other awards:

Best food item: corn on the cobb.

Best getup: Gnarls.

The Band you knew would deliver…and did: Gnarls.

Best hookup: Bret Bassi. How does your hair lay down like that?

Funniest moment (by the largest of margins): Billups and the buttgrabbers (you at your finest, Punkin). I kept telling him not to do it but he was like, “I got this, Bro.” He was right.

Best band I only heard for 3 minutes: Particle.

Finally, the winner of the “Extreme Roller Coaster Ride of the Day” award goes to….well, me. Sunday’s antics were classic, including my best Johnny Depp on the walk to the show (arrr…treasure matey) and my run-in with Big Poppa Pump. Plus, I was rockin-out the “Creed Sucks” t-shirt all day(parlayed into a photo op). In the immortal words of Jesse Hughes, “Let’s hear it for me!”

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  1. Some of that is spot on. However there is NO chance that I will cosign on an ear of corn. The lemonade with no line was my best bang for the buck. Don’t forget the topless Dresden Dolls incident in your list of highlights. Common was enjoyable for me as well.

  2. Yeah, Punkin…I knew you couldn’t give kudos to corn, and yes, the boobs at the DD show was noteworthy. Lemonade is irrelevant…I don’t care how quickly you got it. You’re beggin, bro.

    When you say that Common was “enjoyable,” do you mean “enjoyable” like a visit to Tacos Cuatro?

  3. I’m sorry, but in a discussion of the BEST food product at a 75,000-person-per-day music festival, lemonade is not relevant…especially if its status is based on the fact that nobody was in line to buy it. In fact, if nobody’s buying it, then I find it hard to believe it was THAT good.

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