Revolver mag dedicates entire issue to Tool. What about the new album?

Well, there might be “the” new album. Let’s come back to that in a sec.

In answer to the overwhelming number of requests from readers around the world, we can confirm that Revolver’s special 2008 issue, entirely devoted to prog-metal wizards Tool, will indeed be available in countries around the world. “

I’m picking this shit up. It’s true.

Now, let’s get wildly speculative here.

This is an odd time for such an issue to come out. Why would they release this magazine 2 full years after the latest album? It doesn’t make much sense. Normally this move is pulled in the entertainment industry just after a new album has come out. The reason is simple: the mag plays off the hype of the new album, the mag promotes the album, and everyone wins. Duh.

But why now?

There are the rumors that Tool is working on a new album. I don’t know shit about it, as I’ve already said. But the timing of this issue might be a pump-primer. The magazine itself says that fan demand drove it. But something is still off….

Bear in mind that I’m only speculating. Wildly. More to follow on this bullshit.

-MC Spanky McGee

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