Duct Tape Has So Many Uses, Including Taping Students to Desks

A middle school teacher in Jacksonville, FL was suspended after she duct taped her student to his desk.


As we’ve heard many times before, there are lots of great uses…like this. I’m sympathetic to the stress a middle school student can cause a teacher. My dad taught middle school, and sometimes I’d spend 5 minutes there and leave needing purification in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. But it’s far too easy to brow-beat this woman (who’s already paying the price for her indiscretion). My only question is…WHO KEEPS DUCT TAPE IN THE CLASSROOM? Was this pre-meditated…like the time my 8th grade music teacher wrote out office referrals for Lip and me and kept them stuck to her file cabinet every day for an entire semester? Who knows. She said it was a joke and the class was laughing…we’ll act like you didn’t say that. Take your 10 days, go to the sensitivity training and I won’t be mad atcha.


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