Some husky dudes

Man, I feel like Pumpkin, Taguchi and I all missed out some kickass husk-it-up party, because a bunch of dudes have been gettin’ their husk on.

First up: GORE. Gore has been tearing it up at the buffet, obviously. Taguchi would have no love for this dude, but he just might give a silent nod to the massive pile of mashed potatoes Gore has been rockin’ lately, before Taguchi would get back to his own mashed pot. I have no idea how Pumpkin would react. (Pumpkin is off the radar, lately). Shit, Gore’s probably been rockin’ out the fourth quarter at Old Country Buffet with cheesecake, choco-vanilla swirl ice cream with sprinkles, and maybe even some choco pudding after he snuck in a slice of their high-school-cafeteria pizza.


Next up: RAMBO. Sly is gearing up for another Rambo movie, and by “gearing up” I mean he’s been feelin’ husky a lot. You know damn well Sly can eat. Don’t get me wrong–there’s a lot of muscle on that dude, but in this picture, it looks like he’s thinking about a backup-trip to the local BURRITOVILLE in order to tack on a steak burrito to the bucket of KFC he just snagged and destroyed.



Next: This is just a picture of two dudes enjoying some ice cream. Maybe they’d like to be husky. Don’t know. I think the dude on the right is named Bush or something.

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  1. Those be some husky dudes.

    From a NY Times Review earlier this year:
    “Mr. Gore does a cogent job of explaining how global warming can disrupt delicate ecological balances, resulting in…the extinction of a growing number of species.
    Already, he claims, a study shows that ‘polar bears have been drowning in significant numbers’ as melting Arctic ice forces them to swim longer and longer distances, while other studies indicate that the population of Emperor penguins ‘has declined by an estimated 70 percent over the past 50 years.’ ”

    But now we come to it. All this “global-warming-is-so-bad” stuff is to hide the REAL “inconvenient truth”: Al Gore has been gorging himself on Arctic Wildlife. The truth hurts, baby. Nevertheless, I’ll have some of what he’s having. Baby seals…yummy…*drool*

    Speaking of global warming, though, check this shit out:

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