Spanky and Pumpkin’s all-time favorite gamertags

This page will be updated occasionally.

1. Gaytown Mayor (with matching unicorn logo).

Spanky’ comment: Unbelievable. I can’t express how awesome this is, especially given the way that bastards on Halo 3 throw around the regrettable word, “faggot.” But Gaytown Mayor doesn’t give a fuck. I can’t remember whether we won or lost against GM, but who cares? He’s badass.

2. BruceHornsby67

Spanky’s comment: Whoa! Who would rock this? Really? Maybe it’s Bruce himself. Dunno.

3. twogirlz1cupped

Spanky’s comment: Meh. Pumpkin seemed to like this one.

4. Lord Noobish

5. Dr Noobenstein

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