Sub Shop Cup Etiquette

How many times do you go into a deli or sandwich shop, order a sandwich and a drink, then have to remind the register jockey to hand you the cup you just paid for? I just had this happen at a Jimmy Johns and it really does happen to me quite frequently at this and other establishments. Subway over the last few years has developed a better system in most of their locations. They have a cup dispenser at the end of the counter that you can grab yourself. In those particular restaurants ou even have the luxury of filling up while the food is being prepped if the conditions are ideal.

The cashier neglecting to give you your cup leaves you in an ackward spot where you have to step up and ultimately feel like a douche for asking.

“e hem e hem, excuse me, sir, um may I have the um cup for my soda please? You can make it a small if you like, it’s all ok. You know what, never mind, I didn’t really need it anyway.”


You can do the other route. “Listen Bro…Can I get that cup I just paid for? Let’s be serious. Did you really already forget?”

Maybe I am the only that knows what I am talking about on this one?

7 thoughts on “Sub Shop Cup Etiquette

  1. Burrow, you’re not the only one who’s ever had to ask for the cup…and it’s really not that big a deal. I suggest this approach:

    “Can I get the cup for my drink? Thanks.”


    “I didn’t get my cup…thanks.”

    Either of those generally have a very high rate of success because even if you can’t articulate those exact words, anything involving the words “drink” or “cup” will usually produce a beverage.

  2. I am a Jimmy John’s fan (I rock #5 and #1), and yeah–I’ve experienced this familiar douchebaggery. Every time they forget, you should run up to the counter and do the truffle shuffle while yelling, “Can I get my Coke now, SIR?”

    Subway is pretty good about it. And then there’s Quizno’s. They are on top of it, too.

    (By the way, Subway and Quizno’s marketing departments suck ASSSSSSSSS harder than the new Belle and Sebastian.)

  3. Slim 2 with cheese – checking in

    We all get that this is not a big deal and how a normal person just simply asks for the cup. I get that I am blowing this out of proportion. I get that this implies some level of immaturity and a inherent lack of confidence that prevents me from just acting like a man and getting what is rightfully mine. I get all of that.

    Or build a cupholder or something. Do like you do with chips and set them out there for us to get. That came about because the jockeys were tired of playing the “cigarette game*” with the chips. Now hook us up on the cups too, please.

    * The cigarette game is when you try to purchase a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store and the clerk there suddenly becomes hard of hearing and extremely simple. You say one thing, they reach for another. You say hardpack, they give you soft. It get’s to the point where you start giving directions like “down, down, over, other way, back, stop, those.”

  4. Well, I don’t think such a situation is a big deal, but it’s not small. The frequency of it is what makes it a problem. You’re looking at the person, and your own facial expression is something like what happens when you got a bad batch of Keystone Light and you drank a third for sloppy dice in CUES–and you think, “Shouldn’t you have this routine down by now, dumbass?”

    It’s repetitive shit like that that drives ya nuts.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it. It’s like minivans…turquoise minivans that like to cut me off on I-235 because where they’re going is more important than where I’m going. That, plus they have a baby on board. I really oughta just start pulling over for them.

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