Snopes on Barack Obama and the Pledge

Here’s a claim the ignorantia are busy barking on the streets:  Barack Obama allgedly refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance.   

Snopes demonstrates that this claim is clearly false.   Obama does say the Pledge and he often even puts his hand over his heart while saying it (as the photos accompanying the Snopes article demonstrate).

Those who get worked up over the Pledge probably don’t know that there was no Pledge of Allegiance until it was written by a Christian Socialist in 1892.   The words “under God” were not inserted in the Pledge until 1954.  

Therefore our Founding Fathers did quite well, thank you, without any Pledge at all.  If those who are accusing Obama of not holding his hand over his heart want to be consistent, shouldn’t they declare all of the Founding Fathers morally and politically suspect?

I thought not.

Or how about this?  Is it OK for a President to give false evidence to the citizens in order to start a needless war, to torture prisoners and to spy on his own citizens, as long as he consistently puts his hand over his heart when he says the Pledge of Allegiance? 

I thought not.

Whether a politician ”properly” says the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t say a damned thing about that politician’s character.   Honorable people and chumps are equally good at saying the Pledge.  This simple and undeniable fact makes a willingness to say the Pledge utterly worthless as a test of character.  Why is this simple fact so hard for so many people to grasp?  Must be those eight years of brainwashing . . .