Atheist soldier takes shit from Christians. Imagine that.

Known as “the atheist guy,” Hall has been called immoral, a devil worshipper and — just as severe to some soldiers — gay, none of which, he says, is true. Hall even drove fellow soldiers to church in Iraq and paused while they prayed before meals. “

It eventually came out in Iraq in 2007, when he was in a firefight. Hall was a gunner on a Humvee, which took several bullets in its protective shield. Afterward, his commander asked whether he believed in God, Hall said.

“I said, ‘No, but I believe in Plexiglas,”‘ Hall said. “I’ve never believed I was going to a happy place. You get one life. When I die, I’m worm food.”

The issue came to a head when, according to Hall, a superior officer, Maj. Freddy J. Welborn, threatened to bring charges against him for trying to hold a meeting of atheists in Iraq. Welborn has denied Hall’s allegations. “

Jeremy Hall: keep rockin’, Brobi Wan Kenobi.

As Dan Brown says, Christians love to act like they’re being oppressed by nearly everyone (it’s that damned Daniel in the lion’s den story and all that type of nonsense), but you should keep in mind the vast majority that they constitute–in this country, anyway.

Here’s a simple test for you determine the direction of the power flow: could there ever be an atheist president?


I don’t know whether Hall was harassed or not. But I can tell you from personal experience that Christians do love to say the kinds of things that Hall alleges they did.

I hope Hall has some good evidence. One of moral of the story: when someone repeatedly gives you shit–record them.

Moral 2:

No one with Fort Riley, the Army or Defense Department would comment about Hall or the lawsuit. Each issued statements saying that discrimination will not be tolerated regardless of race, religion or gender.

“The department respects [and supports by its policy] the rights of others to their own religious beliefs, including the right to hold no beliefs,” said Eileen Lainez, a spokeswoman for the Department of Defense. “

Atheism is not lacking a belief. It is having the belief that God doesn’t exist.

Since when did Christians get a monopoly on the word, “belief”?


More to follow on this. I’m hungry and gotta go eat some wings.
-MC Spanky McGee

Coach Bobby Knight Retires After 902 Wins and How Many Ticked Off Parents?

Bob Knight Gone Party Time

Coach Bobby Knight abruptly retired from coaching men’s NCAA basketball at Texas Tech University tonight. He is the winningest coach of al time with 902 wins at Texas Tech, Army, and Indiana University. He and Dean Smith, the man he passed to become #1 all time, are the only two men to win a college championship as a player and as a coach. Knight was a player for the Buckeyes at Ohio State. In addition to 3 Hoosier national championships he won as head coach at Indiana, he also coached team U.S.A. to gold medals at the Olympics and Pan-Am Games.

Knight has always been known for his temper and his antics on the court. Many players, parents, and University Personnel grew tired of them, ultimately ending his legendary run at Indiana. He may be just as famous for his championships as he is for throwing a chair across the court at a game against Purdue, slapping one of his own players during a game, or even choking then Indiana guard Neil Reed at a practice.

To read more on the retirement, check out the article.