Griff’s follow-up to Spanky’s easy conservation tip #1

Spanky is absolutely right about the plastic lids and straws. Napkins are another big one. Granted, you don’t want to drip Wendy’s chili or TB bean burrito on your chinos, but one or two napkins should do it. If you actually needed that whole stack of napkins you grabbed the last time you went to BK, you’ve got some problems, and you should probably start working on eating with utensils before you go out in public again.

 A couple of other conservation tips (not fast-food related) from Griff:

  • Use less water in your toilet. If you don’t have a toilet that conserves water (and most of you don’t), fill up a 1/2-gallon plastic milk jug with water and place it in the tank to displace water.
  • Set your computer to sleep/standby/hibernate after a certain period of time (Spanky!). Screensavers don’t do sh#t. This will save energy. For more on this, see
  • Actually recycle. It’s not as hard as it looks. If you live in a city (like ours) where they don’t sort for you, do your own sorting and stick to it. When you go to the grocery store, ask for paper bags. Take these home and use them for recycling. Keep one bag for plastics, one for glass, one for cardboard, one for newspaper, and so on. Once you get used to disposing of your waste this way, you’ll hardly think about it. Here’s a good guide to sorting:
  • Speaking of grocery bags, control the bagging of your groceries. There is no reason to double-bag, or to use a whole plastic bag just for a box of cereal or a bottle of pop. Those pimply, squeaky-talking baggers at HyVee don’t know any better – they’re trained that way. But you do! Tell them how to bag your groceries, if you don’t want to do it yourself. Better yet, bring your own shopping bags. In Germany, you actually have to pay for bags, if you don’t have your own. That’s how it should be.
  • I know we’ve all heard this before, and I know we’re all lazy-ass f*cks, but look at it this way: you’ve been gettin’ a little husky from all that PBR and burrito-binging anyways – why not save gas and work off that spicy chicken by walking or biking to Wendy’s?

Spanky’s fav Autohotkey codes: part 1.

Yeah, I’m a total dork for this, but I LOOOOVE Autohotkey. It’s a program that allows you to set up shortcuts for practically anything in Windows.

Download Autohotkey from

and learn how to write your first script. Here’s a good code to start:

IfWinNotActive, Soupy Trumpet, , WinActivate, Soupy Trumpet
WinWaitActive, Soupy Trumpet

The above bit of code opens a browser to when you hold the Windows key and push s. That’s pretty damned cool.


Need to close multiple windows of Firefox in a hurry? Try

SetTitleMatchMode 2
GroupAdd, Firefox, Firefox
WinKill, ahk_group Firefox

Windows key, shift and delete will close all the open Firefox windows for you–ya know, just in case in you’re about to get busted…

-MC Spanks

PS. Do a search at for some cool Autohotkey uses.