How is a catch like this *possible*?

How could David Tyree pin the football to his dome in the Superbowl?

Granted, I only watched a few minutes of the damn game. I had better things to do. I can’t ever remember the damn game the year before, so I might as well skip what I’m going to forget more quickly than a stoner does with a pizza in the oven.

But I did manage to see what will surely be hailed as one of the greatest catches in the game, one that brought down the Patriots and ruined their “perfect season.” Waaaah.

David Tyree catch

I really think that helmet should be tested for sticky substances. Maybe Tyree rubbed some ol’ pine tar on the dome? Maybe some nacho cheese? HMMMMMM? I demand an investigation, damnit

.David Tyree helmet

Notice the convenient location of the sticky nacho cheese on Tyree’s helmet, which is pictured above.

All in all I don’t have any business blogging about pro football, since I don’t really follow it. Then again, I’m not really sure that I have any business babbling about anything but possible scenarios involving meth-fueled satanic Teletubbies that go on a shotgun spree in a VW bus while listening to Sepultura.