Yo quiero amiga! Taco Bell dog spanks it.

[youtube width="425" height="355"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mq2pxhB7u0[/youtube]

Spanky says:

This little bastard must be lonely since Taco Bell kicked his ass to the the curb. Now he’s got no job, no food, and he’s getting busted on camera polishing his red rocket. Maybe he’ll show up on VH1 soon looking for love or trying to “get fit.”

What a loser!

-MC Spanky McGee

Have Dog Poop Delivered

Dog Poo Delivered

Friend of The Trumpet RyGuy was telling old Spanks and me about a website he heard about from one of his college textbooks (wtf?) where you can buy dog poop (dung, doo doo, feces, waste, crap, etc.) and have it sent to someone as a gift or as a prank. I did not doubt him but had to see for myself and sure enough DogDoo.com lives up to the billing. It even had the various types you can order that we were told about; “Econo“, “Grande“, “Special“, and the “Poo Poo Platter”. You can also accessorize up with mugs and t-shirts. I at first felt a bit off about posting on this but when I saw they had been mentioned in Maxim and Time magazines, I quickly got over that and fired up photoshop. There are a few other sites offering a similar service and that makes me wonder whether or not my new dog Mudbutt and I should start our own operation… I mean I could be throwing away money… DogDoo is getting $14-$29 a loaf.

update: According to Trump reader Greg, this is a”realistic novelty” and not the real deal. He says there was a company selling the real deal and they got shut down. Spanky says we should go ahead with opening up our own… agree especially now. el oh el.