Americans Find Child Touching to be Wrong, the Dutch Make it a Performance

VH1 Best Week Ever found and posted a video (previously found by in their “that’s your boyfriend” series) that accomplishes one of two things:

  1. The United States of America are very different as a cultural and censor things, or look down on things, that should be considered artistic. aka Loosen Up U.S.A, this video is weird to only YOU!
  2. Any culture, person, group, entity, douchebag, etc. that finds this video mildly entertaining, sexual, funny, cute, or anything other than absolutely disturbing has SERIOUS issues.

The video is of a Dutch entertainer named Paul de Leeuw (looks like Andy Richter) serenading a young boy on a stage. Then he starts kissing and licking the kid and it turns into a really weird pedophile sodomizing piece. VH1 prefaces the video like this:

WARNING: The video you are about to watch is easily one of the most disturbing, chill-inducing thing you will ever see, 2 Girls 1 Cup included. It is the essence oil of nightmares. You have been alerted.

So don’t watch this video… but at least read the awesome comments taken from a different Paul de Leeuw video found on YouTube screencapped below.

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

Paul de Leeuw YouTube comments

I don’t get it.  Maybe it is “perfectly normal”.  I don’t know anything of the guy, but it sure is weird to me.

Afghans want death for Danish and for Dutch. Spanky’s solution to the problem.

Afghans chant death to Danish, Dutch in protest

Some 5,000 Afghans chanted “death to Denmark” and “death to the Netherlands” in Kabul on Friday, protesting against the reprinting of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad in Danish newspapers and a Dutch film on the Koran.

Same old shit from these extremists.

Here’s an idea that maybe will earn ol’ Spanks here a death sentence of his own. Heh.

You know how you sometimes have a pet or a toddler that has too much energy? As any parent or pet-owner knows, the best solution is to let them run around like crazy until they’re just too tired to raise hell for you.

So, I think as many people as possible should draw up these cartoons. This will be awesome. The religious fanatics will have to spend all their time chanting death to all the countries and people, and they’ll be so busy doing that, that they won’t have time for anything else. Including growing poppies. That will really fuck ‘em over–it’ll stop their heroin trade. They’ll be all tuckered out.

death to everyone 2

I mean, how many flags will they be able to burn? They’ll run out pretty fast.

So, everybody, get out your pencils and paper and start drawing.

Aren’t I creative?

-MC Spanky McGee