Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 3-10-08

Here’s another Soupy Trumpet daily-dose of internet finds to enjoy:

And Hot Off The Soupy Trumpet Press:

Hot Blonde Posing For the Winner Ebay Auction

I was looking online on last spring for rims to put on the Pumpkin Carriage and found some obscene listings in the wheel department, so I took a screenshot and saved it. I’d like to point out that Soupy Trumpet is not in the business of passing on vulgar images or peddling pornography. Additionally Ebay has been known to do well at protecting people so by no means is this their fault. I would assume the auction lasted for hardly any time at all… maybe Ebay took down the auction or some lucky buyer got a great deal on a low cost / high quality product.

Anyway a find like this is worth passing on, but the full image is not edited and is considered NSFW… also it is not one of our jank photoshop entries either. The true comedy is in the pricing I think.

“Hot Blonde Posing For the Winner”
Obscene Ebay Listing