Michigan and Florida’s delegates get half a vote?

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Florida, Michigan Dems make their cases

Members of a Democratic rules committee voted on Saturday to seat all of Florida’s and Michigan’s delegation to the party’s national convention and give their delegates a half vote each. “

Half a vote is half a vote too much.

I’ll say it again and again. I don’t care: those states got their voices heard when they voted to elect the turkeys that decided to try to cheat and to move up their voting.

They weren’t disenfranchised. We heard them cheating.

“Winners don’t cheat and cheaters don’t win.” -Sydney Fartknocker

-MC Spanky McGee

Michigan’s attempt for another vote fails.

No deal reached on Michigan revote

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House suffered a blow Thursday when Michigan’s state Senate adjourned without passing a bill to schedule a new Democratic primary.

The Senate’s inaction makes it nearly impossible that a revote will occur.

Once again, we can see who’s to blame for the problems in Florida and Michigan. I’ve said it over and over–it’s the elected officials in those states. But Hillary will have you believe that it’s Barack Obama that’s doing it. Absurd, as I’ve already said.

A top Michigan Democrat expressed frustration Wednesday with Obama for not embracing the state’s proposal.

“The Obama people are blocking it in the Legislature,” said the Democratic source, who has not backed either candidate.

The source also said negotiators repeatedly and unsuccessfully have reached out to the campaign for input and cooperation.

The source said that Obama’s campaign has been asked to craft an alternative or to meet with the Clinton camp to work out an acceptable compromise, but that those requests have been met with silence.

However, a state senator who supports Obama said supporters of both sides are contributing to the logjam.

Yes, yes. The finger pointing is all over the place. I’m doing it, too. But the problem started at the state level, and has continued at the state level.

The question should be, Who started Florida and Michigan on these paths?

-MC Spanky McGee

Clinton calls Obama “un-American” over Michigan and Florida

Where is Clinton left without revotes?

Clinton made a last-minute trip to Michigan today to emphasize her support for a re-vote there, saying it’s “wrong, and frankly un-American” not to have delegates from the two states seated at the convention.

I’ve already written on this topic today, but I’m so pissed off at how ridiculous this woman has gotten. This is clearly a shameless attempt to Swift Boat Obama by painting him as being an America-hater.

Clinton’s reasoning must be something like this:

1. Wright is un-American

2. Anyone who prevents Florida and Michigan from voting is un-American.

3. Barack Obama is preventing Florida and Michigan from voting.

4. Therefore Barack Obama is un-American

5.  Wright and Obama are un-American

The first premise is questionable. The third is definitely false.

Hillary is playing both on the Wright situation and the Florida/Michigan bullshit to make him look unpatriotic.

Total bullshit.

-MC Spanky McGee

Clinton: “Empower the voters, blah blah, don’t disenfranchise them.”

Hillary is still clawing for the votes of Florida and Michigan. Still. Here’s what she said today.

Clinton challenges Obama on Michigan vote

“I am here for one simple reason,” Clinton said to a small crowd of supporters gathered at an AFSCME hall. “To make sure Michigan’s votes are counted, and your voices are heard in this election.”

The Obama campaign released a memo Wednesday raising “serious” legal and procedural questions about the Michigan proposal.

Clinton said the matter of Michigan’s delegates boils down to each candidate’s commitment to voting rights and questioned if Obama is committed to “empowering the American people.”

“This is a crucial test,” she said. “Does he mean what he says or not?”

Hillary, I’ll say it to you again. No tear in my beer: you disenfranchised yourselves

If you want to blame someone for this, blame the elected officials in those states that tried to cheat the very rules to which they consented. Those officials are the ones that should have empowered the voters. This is not Barack Obama’s fault.

Hillary Clinton has the weakest arguments of any Democrat I’ve ever seen. Bottom line.

-MC Spanky McGee

Florida Mail-In Vote a Bad Idea

DAMMIT…they stole my thunder…

Congressional representatives from Florida rejected the idea of a hybrid primary vote today. Even Taguchi figured that out. I did a little research. For this, we need to look to Oregon. In 1981, the Oregon Legislative Assembly passed a bill allowing vote by mail (VBM) elections. It wasn’t until the scandalous resignation of Republican Senator Bob Packwood that Oregon sprung into action with VBM in 1996. Today in Oregon, a citizen has no option to vote in a booth…it’s all VBM. However, it has been a long and painstaking process. They have conducted at least two studies into their system. One of those studies has revealed that VBM is wildly popular among voters and also serves to increase turnout across almost every demographic.

The other study, chaired by President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker, is of much more significance here. In short (since they stole my damn thunder), it says:

  • Hybrid voting systems (where the voter has the option of voting in person or by mail) are problematic because they force voting officials to actually conduct two elections at once. To that end, one county official said, “under the (hybrid) system we weer putting out fires all over the county on election day.” The difficulties of running both kinds of elections simultaneously increased the likelihood of confusion and of mistakes.
  • One of the primary VBM security measures in Oregon is the signature verification process, wherein election workers compare the signature on every return identification envelope with the signature scanned from the voter’s registration card.
  • Finally, there is concern over the potential for voting fraud and coercion in any system that lacks the fundamental privacy of the voting booth. In many respects, these conclusions remain vali, at least when examined in the context of Oregon’s all-mail balloting system. However, the study cited that Oregon has had a historically clean, open and permeable election system, with no history of machine politics or election fraud. The implication is that while voting by mail has worked well in Oregon, it may not work as well in regions, states or localities with a more contentious political culture.

HERRRR-O-OOOOOOOOO! Remember this?


Sorry, Florida. You get no leeway. If the Bush camp can rig Florida, then I’m fully confident that the Clinton camp can do the same. I realize these are strong allegations, and we’ll never know if they are substantiated…but the allegations are enough to sack your attempt to conduct a makeshift primary using the most difficult-to-manage voting system possible. Whatever you want to call it, Florida 2000 was probably the greatest election fiasco in American history…or at least of our time. Now Florida wants to hold it’s primary on the fly (after making their bed already)? As our buddy The Shire would say, “I f***ing doubt it.”

Ironically, the Carter-Baker study contains this golden nugget:

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has even referred to absentee ballots as the tool of choice for those inclined to commit voter fraud.

NEXT? (sorry Spanks…I stole your thunder)

Carter-Baker study:

Disenfranchisement, Part DOS.

Today, Roland Martin posts this on CNN.com: Martin: 2 states don’t deserve re-vote

One word they all keep tossing around is disenfranchisement. Because of this nation’s sordid history on the issue of denying African-Americans the right to vote, those calling for a revote know the true power of the word, and just uttering it sort of backs the opposition up.

But folks, I’m sorry. Knowing full well how the two political hacks –­ also called governors of Michigan and Florida — deliberately chose to ignore the Democratic Party rules and try to leapfrog the other states, I just don’t have any compassion for them

Yes, I do feel sorry for the voters in those two states because their votes should have mattered. It would have been great had they counted. But it was the elected officials in both states who chose to go down this terrible path. Had they just remained where they were, their delegates may have made the difference in this close presidential race between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Ah, Roland S. Martin, we are peas in a pod. Almost too snuggly. I said most of these things on March 7th, in my post,
No tear in my beer: you disenfranchised yourselves

I said:

But I’ve got news for you. Sorry, Michigan and Florida, you are not disenfranchised by anyone but yourselves.

The voters of these states have already been heard. They were heard when they elected the clowns that tried to push their primaries before the agreed due dates.

Of course, I’m just little ol’ anonymous MC Spanky McGee, and I don’t have any street cred. Yet. Anyway….

Hillary is still pushing the D-word. Today she said:

The nearly two and a half million Americans in those states who participated in the primary elections are in danger of being excluded from our democratic process and I think that’s wrong. The results of those primaries were fair and they should be honored,” she told a breakfast gathering hosted by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation in Washington. “In my view there are two options: honor the results or hold new primary elections. I don’t see any other solutions that are fair.”

Clinton: Don’t disenfranchise Michigan and Florida voters

Notice Hillary basically uses the passive voice above. Who’s excluding these voters, Hillary? I got the answer: they did it to themselves.


-MC Spanky McGee

No tear in my beer: you disenfranchised yourselves

Clinton repeats calls to seat Florida and Michigan

“I’m going to let the leadership of both states see what they think is the best approach,” Clinton told reporters in Washington. “I think that it would be a grave disservice to the voters of Florida and Michigan to adopt any process that would disenfranchise anyone and I’m still committed to seating their delegations and I know that they’re working with the Democratic party to determine how best to proceed.”

I’ve been hearing this d-word for the last 3 days. All these people are crying for the voters of Michigan and Florida.

Crist, who is a Republican, says he wants the votes that were already cast to be counted because the ‘people should be heard and not party bosses in Washington.’ He and Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat, on Wednesday called on the Democratic National Committee to seat their states’ delegates. They accused the party of silencing “the voices of 5,163,271 Americans” who voted in their primaries.

But I’ve got news for you. Sorry, Michigan and Florida, you are not disenfranchised by anyone but yourselves.

The voters of these states have already been heard. They were heard when they elected the clowns that tried to push their primaries before the agreed due dates. In a so-called representative democracy, the basic idea is that the representatives are the right hand of the people. In this case, the right hand of the people in Michigan and Florida choked them–kinda like Ash gets choked by his own hand in Evil Dead:

ash evil dead

Howard Dean is exactly right:

But DNC Chairman Howard Dean points out — Florida and Michigan both knew the rules and agreed to them.

“The rules were set a year and a half ago. Florida and Michigan voted for them and then decided that they didn’t need to abide by the rules. When you’re in a contest you do need to abide by the rules,” he said on “American Morning.”

Don’t cry to me. I don’t give a shit. Your elected officials messed up, and now you’re acting the national DNC is screwing you over?


You–the voters of these states–you screwed yourselves.

Hillary is merely pandering to this misguided sentiment that someone is stealing their votes….

-MC Spanky McGee

Duct Tape Has So Many Uses, Including Taping Students to Desks

A middle school teacher in Jacksonville, FL was suspended after she duct taped her student to his desk.


As we’ve heard many times before, there are lots of great uses…like this. I’m sympathetic to the stress a middle school student can cause a teacher. My dad taught middle school, and sometimes I’d spend 5 minutes there and leave needing purification in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. But it’s far too easy to brow-beat this woman (who’s already paying the price for her indiscretion). My only question is…WHO KEEPS DUCT TAPE IN THE CLASSROOM? Was this pre-meditated…like the time my 8th grade music teacher wrote out office referrals for Lip and me and kept them stuck to her file cabinet every day for an entire semester? Who knows. She said it was a joke and the class was laughing…we’ll act like you didn’t say that. Take your 10 days, go to the sensitivity training and I won’t be mad atcha.


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Move Over Osama – Here is the Most Wanted in Florida

Most Wanted

Click My Picture to See What I am Wanted For 

Florida already does enough to get on the news for government and law enforcement matters and I don’t care really, so I won’t pile-hop on the.  Apparently rapists, murderers, terrorists, and boy touchers were bumped from the top spot for the guy above.  Click on his menacing picture to see how this guy got hoe’d out, or as College Humor called it; “Made an Example Of”.

Then decide if he gets “street cred” for being Public Enemy #1.