1 out of 1 Sich Freuens Prefers Bag Balm for Nipple Issues

MC Spanky McGee, aka ginger balls, has certainly hit the nail on the head regarding my dry nipples. But since I discovered Bag Balm, I’m all good to go, bro.
This skin-softening balm was formulated by a Vermont chemist over 100 years ago to treat chapped and abraded cows’ udders. Over the years, it gained favor for use on other domestic animals, including cats and dogs, for chapping, scratches, abrasions and burns. It has even been used on search-and-rescue dogs, protecting their paws from damage while working in harsh conditions.Contains petrolatum, lanolin, and a mild antiseptic. It comes highly recommended by farmers and vets, and widely appreciated by pets, horses and other livestock. Packaged in an attractive traditional-style tin.