Goldschlager Worth Gold Digging?

Photoshop of a gold digger with Goldschlager

Have you ever wondered how much real gold is in a bottle of Goldschlager? Pumpkin doesn’t drink and isn’t a Kanye West’esque Gold Digger, so I never have pondered on that or any gold. However some people took it upon themselves to answer that question and I stumbled across their findings at’s “How Much Is Inside”.

The results are not that surprising as there is very little gold in a bottle… $1.38 worth in the test bottle. The link above is worth a short read. It’s pretty funny and they offer alternative “schlagers” like “coinschlager”, “cornschlager”, and “googlie-eyeschalger”. I would love to see some other ideas… possibly some photoshops??? hmmm stay tuned.