George Bush’s Hero Steals iPod, Xbox 360, and Some Air Guns

In late 2007 Lewis Bennett was the teenager in Plymouth Township, PA. that thwarted a planned Columbine-style shooting by informing on a husky student, Dillon Cossey, that had stockpiled weapons (with the help of his husky mother Michelle Cossey) for the assault on school bullies. For this heroic act, President George W. Bush called Lewis Bennett a “hero” and even “praised his courage”. Allegedly George Bush asked for Halo 3 cheat codes when they met and thanked him for the “pwnage”.

Fast forward to early 2008, just a few months later and then “Hero” Lewis Bennett has now been busted for joining other teens in a robbery. Bennett and others went through the unsecured window of another student and ripped off an Xbox 360, an iPod, and some air guns. Bennett got caught when he sold one of those $50 Xbox 360 controllers for a measly $20 at school and then tried to peddle his other goods like a pawn shop. Attorneys are chalking this up as fame and attention causing him to lash out. At least they aren’t saying he was “under the influence of Grand Theft Auto“.

George Bush pins medal on Fugitive
* Note: This is not Lewis Bennett, this is a photoshop of President George W. Bush pinning a medal on The Fugitive played by Harrison Ford. This is intended to imply George Bush is honoring a criminal. This is meant to be funny.

New Indiana Jones Movie Trailer Online – Lucas and Spielberg Strike Again

Indiana Jones and Short Round Getting Old, George Lucas Goes to the Well

It has been 24 years since Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released in theaters. Now in 2008, in the same way George Lucas brings things back again and again, Harrison Ford is set to throw on his leather jacket and become Indiana Jones once again. This re-incarnation is known as “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and stars Ford, Cate Blanchett, and Shia LaBeouf. Notably absent from the cast is the retired Sean Connery…and I would assume we will not see Jonathan Ke Quan reliving his role as the lovable sidekick Short Round. Steven Spielberg, who is also not afraid to bring franchises back time after time (Transformers 2, Men In Black 2, and recently announced Jurassic Park 4), is set to direct “Indy 4.” Enjoy the brand new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer, courtesy of