Dems, Gas Taxes and (more) Red Herring

Hillary supports a gas tax holiday (wherein the federal government would suspend its 18.4-cent per gallon tax for a few months). She decided to start pumping this idea a couple weeks after John McCain started pumping the idea. Obama opposes the gas tax holiday. Here’s why (in short, because it won’t work). The two sides have gone back and forth now, with Obama issuing a recent ad in North Carolina dissing the holiday idea.

I’m not arguing merits. I’m more concerned about what Howard Wolfson said regarding Senator Obama’s opposition to the idea:

“That’s a critical distinction in this race between, in Senator Clinton, someone who understands the pain that middle class and working class families are feeling…and Senator Obama, somebody who just doesn’t seem to understand that middle class families are hurting, working class families are hurting and that they need relief,” Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson said.

Actually, Howard, the distinction is that Camp Clinton only wants to talk about the symptoms. The remedy is bunk, no matter how you slice it. A three-month suspension of the gas tax will do nothing but advance America’s debt, even if it does help keep Americans pumped full of nicotine and Nikes, and rob billions of dollars from federal highway development. That means workers and suppliers with no work to do. The holiday a classic political kiss-up to the voting masses. It’s a horrible solution. Does it remind you of any other recent political band-aids (to take your mind off the fact that a $500 billion war is sucking your economy dry)? It takes absolutely no economic or political expertise to know that these are ridiculous initiatives that will only cost more in the end.

Hill also busts BO’s chops with a last-minute Indiana TV ad including the following nugget:

“(Obama) is attacking Hillary’s plan to give you a break on gas prices because he doesn’t have one,”

He also doesn’t have a plan to invade Canada. Ergo, he won’t be ready at 3 AM because he’ll be too busy being a Muslim and plagiarizing Reverend Wright’s book on how to be an elitist. This crap is so knuckleheaded it couldn’t even fool this dude:

…right? Please…tell me they won’t fall for this. We just need enough people to point out what it really is. We are reaching a breaking point. It STILL may not be this week…but it’s coming.


Clinton Campaign: Barack Obama = Ken Starr

Hillary’s Communication Director, Howard Wolfson, today compared Senator Obama to Kenneth Starr:

He chose not to address those questions, but to attack Senator Clinton. I for one do not believe that imitating Ken Starr is the way to win a Democratic primary election for president.

First, the “questions” Wolfson is referring to are about whether Obama is ready to lead the country. We know, bro…your gal is soooooo ready. Spanky already asked you to shut that spigot off. I’ll second that notion, but you’ll keep blasting away.

So now you’re trying to compare BO to an overzealous prosecutor who spent $70 million to find out about a beej and some dry cleaning. To that I say, “go ahead…please.” Let’s set the facts straight. BO’s tax returns are public and up to date. Hillary’s are missing….apparently all the way back to Willie’s presidency. So why don’t the Clintons release them? Is it more complicated than reaching down into the file cabinet and pulling out the folder entitled “1997 Taxes” and sending one of your minions to Kinko’s? It’s not like Camp Clinton never had any shady dealings…I mean told a lie…I mean pandered for the camera…I mean cheated (apparently what constitutes “talking dirty” in 49 states = southern hospitality in socially-advanced Arkansas). So if you want to compare BO to a guy who had to dig and dig to reveal that you actually are a cheating dirtball when you say you weren’t…so be it. Do you think that sways me philosophically?

And I’d like to point out that Camp Clinton has taken it’s bag of tricks, turned it upside down and pounded that thing until every last nugget fell out (read: learn what “plagiarism” really is). If the tables were turned, they’d be ALL OVER THIS ISSUE. This very issue is so metaphoric of what rational Americans have looked for and haven’t gotten for 2 ?? decades…transparency. It’s politics…and if one guy is more transparent than the other guy, he’ll let everybody know. I think you all know that. Just make the disclosures.

Sorry, Wolfson. It’s over. Rational people will win out over political insiders this time. We’re tired of the teeter-totter hijack known as Bush/Clinton…and I’m tired of watching you bitch at Axelrod on TV every Sunday.


Si, se puede. Peace out, homes…