Appeals court says Texas had no right to seize children from FLDS

Imagine that. Well, I guess this legal disaster is going to lurch on. You know that the Texas authorities are going to pull some other gambit.

Looks like these kids get to go back to the loony farm, at least for a little while.

Hey, the FLDS should feel lucky Janet Reno isn’t around. We know what tactics she likes to use.


-MC Spanky McGee

FLDS. Christ wept.

I’m somewhat surprised at myself for having not gone on a series of rant-rampages about this nutjob sect. But here I am–it’s 3 AM, and now I’m ready to spew.

Age of pregnant FLDS ‘girls’ disputed

When Texas child welfare authorities released statistics showing nearly 60 percent of the teen girls taken from a polygamist sect’s ranch were pregnant or had children, they seemed to prove what was alleged all along: The sect commonly pushed girls into marriage and sex. “

But in the past week, the state has twice been forced to admit “girls” who gave birth while in state custody are actually adults. One was 22 and said she showed state officials a Utah birth certificate shortly after she and more than 400 minors were seized from the West Texas ranch in an April raid.

The state has in custody two dozen other young mothers and others whose ages are in dispute. If most of them also turn out to be adults, it would be a severe blow to the state’s claim of widespread sexual abuse.

So the claim is that one of these females turned out to be legit, and now the reporter (or some other asshole) is trying to claim that the Texas authorities may be on a statistical slippery slope?

It seems that the author has made a mistake here. Even if it turns out to be the case that the state was wrong about its claim about the “60 percent,” it wouldn’t follow that the abuse was not widespread. Because (1) the number the author is pushing reflects only the supposed victims and not the number of abusers (I’ll return to this in a second) and (2) “Widespread” is sufficiently vague and could tolerate a connotation of even less than half.

But point 2 is sketchy. I’ll stay with 1. If it was common knowledge in the sect that underage girls were being abused by being forced to marry, etc., then the abuse was widespread. In other words, you had accomplices and accessories in a system of wrongdoing towards these girls. (I’m not exactly making a legal case, but a moral one. The legal definition of “accessory” may differ from the one I’m pushing.) In other words, the supposed new lower-than-expected number of abused girls is irrelevant, because the community of adults shared in the responsibility in the crimes that were committed.

Man, I miss the Heaven’s Gate crew….

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Atheist soldier takes shit from Christians. Imagine that.

Known as “the atheist guy,” Hall has been called immoral, a devil worshipper and — just as severe to some soldiers — gay, none of which, he says, is true. Hall even drove fellow soldiers to church in Iraq and paused while they prayed before meals. “

It eventually came out in Iraq in 2007, when he was in a firefight. Hall was a gunner on a Humvee, which took several bullets in its protective shield. Afterward, his commander asked whether he believed in God, Hall said.

“I said, ‘No, but I believe in Plexiglas,”‘ Hall said. “I’ve never believed I was going to a happy place. You get one life. When I die, I’m worm food.”

The issue came to a head when, according to Hall, a superior officer, Maj. Freddy J. Welborn, threatened to bring charges against him for trying to hold a meeting of atheists in Iraq. Welborn has denied Hall’s allegations. “

Jeremy Hall: keep rockin’, Brobi Wan Kenobi.

As Dan Brown says, Christians love to act like they’re being oppressed by nearly everyone (it’s that damned Daniel in the lion’s den story and all that type of nonsense), but you should keep in mind the vast majority that they constitute–in this country, anyway.

Here’s a simple test for you determine the direction of the power flow: could there ever be an atheist president?


I don’t know whether Hall was harassed or not. But I can tell you from personal experience that Christians do love to say the kinds of things that Hall alleges they did.

I hope Hall has some good evidence. One of moral of the story: when someone repeatedly gives you shit–record them.

Moral 2:

No one with Fort Riley, the Army or Defense Department would comment about Hall or the lawsuit. Each issued statements saying that discrimination will not be tolerated regardless of race, religion or gender.

“The department respects [and supports by its policy] the rights of others to their own religious beliefs, including the right to hold no beliefs,” said Eileen Lainez, a spokeswoman for the Department of Defense. “

Atheism is not lacking a belief. It is having the belief that God doesn’t exist.

Since when did Christians get a monopoly on the word, “belief”?


More to follow on this. I’m hungry and gotta go eat some wings.
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Cussing banned in CA? Dang it.

Gosh darn! Cussing banned in California town

SOUTH PASADENA, California (AP) — What the $%*&*? This community on the edge of Los Angeles has become a cuss-free zone. So if you’re headed to South Pasadena this week, be sure to turn down the volume on that Snoop Dogg CD, and, if the little old lady from Pasadena cuts you off in traffic, don’t even think about flipping her the bird.

Not that police will slap cuffs on you and haul your sorry, er, butt off to jail in light of the proclamation passed Wednesday by the City Council. But you could be shamed into better behavior by the unsettling glares of residents who take their reputation for civility seriously.

“It’s part of exercising self-discipline,” Mayor Michael Cacciotti explained. “It’s about treating each other with love and respect. Profane language causes pain, anger and could lead to violence.”

This law is completely absurd.

1. Kids’ making fun of each other causes pain. We’re not going to outlaw that. Not enforceable. 2. You can’t regulate for self-discipline. 3. What is the ground of the “could” in “could lead to violence”? Is it logically possible that cussing could lead to violence? Sure. But who cares? Eating applesauce could lead to violence–in that sense. So could using the sentence, “You are a danged punk.” Kids could fight over that. NOOOOOOOO!

The mayor wants to say that it is probable that cussing leads to violence. But where is the hard data on that?

I think people should cuss so that they don’t use violence. Cussing is a pressure valve for many people.

4. How can they claim that cussing is not free speech? Apparently the matter has not yet been settled at a very high judicial level; see Michael Troy’s answer to a question about Michigan’s cussing law–which was found unconstitutional.

Go back to the time before the Revolutionary War. If the king had banned cussing, you know damn well that, during the Boston Tea Party, Sam Adams would have been on the decks of those tea ships with double-whammies high in the air–and we’d be praising him for what an awesome cusser he was. “Oh, the king oppressed us and restricted our speech, but we told him to fuck off.”

sam adams middle finger 2

That mayor doesn’t deserve death. He deserves a class in basic reasoning and logic.

-MC Spanky McGee

P.S. Yes, that’s more of my janky photoshop work.

Move Over Osama – Here is the Most Wanted in Florida

Most Wanted

Click My Picture to See What I am Wanted For 

Florida already does enough to get on the news for government and law enforcement matters and I don’t care really, so I won’t pile-hop on the.  Apparently rapists, murderers, terrorists, and boy touchers were bumped from the top spot for the guy above.  Click on his menacing picture to see how this guy got hoe’d out, or as College Humor called it; “Made an Example Of”.

Then decide if he gets “street cred” for being Public Enemy #1.