From Soupy Trumpet game labs

Not to be outdone by Lego Halo, Soupy Trumpet Games, Inc. is proud to unleash:

Lego Adventure

adventure 1

adventure 2

adventure 3

Kill Lego dragons! Find the Lego key! Move the Lego bridge!

Look damnit, if you want everything to look all blocky and janky like some real Legos, just go retro and play Atari 2600. Stop feeding me this bullshit.

-MC Spanky McGee

EGM Exclusive: Lego Halo Game by Bungie

Xbox 360 Fanboy found a scan of the upcoming issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) that depicts Master Chief and the Halo crew in a new game based off of the hit Lego series of games.  They have since updated their article to say that this is not an actual game, but an April Fool’s joke.  I wish it were true, this would be a fun game… the cartoony controls would probably be the same, but the frame rate and graphics would likely be a tad better.  I can’t wait for the Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones games that are coming.

Gotta love when journalism follows rule #1 – Go to Print With Anything.  (see Fox News for more of this rule in action)

Lego Halo by EGM