Conservative crybabies.

Have you ever noticed that conservatives think that they have a monopoly on the word “whine”?

Check it out this example.

What tickles me–what amuses me–is that conservatives spend so much time CRYING about liberals’ whining. And Peter Scweizer gives us a great example in his crying about whining.

Almost nothing pleases me more than a conservative in pain. I don’t care what the source is. I relish it.

Conservatives don’t like to think that they complain, although they do all the time. Listen to the pathetic inflection that accompanies such utterances as “These bleeding-heart liberals….”

See, conservatives cry because they don’t feel obligated to their society. They believe that they deserve all of their money. But the fact of the matter is that they owe their society a great deal–and they must pay taxes towards education and defense. Their own welfare depends on the cohesion of society.

But forget all that. When cons play the “whine” card, just remind them that they are doing their share of bitching.

I love their bitching. I encourage it. It’s an indication of their misery, and I eat it up.

-MC Spanky McGee

P.S. I love you, cons. xoxoxOXXXoo

The damning of America

By now, hardcore conservatives have probably whipped themselves into a frenzy over Jeremiah Wright’s comments:

“No, no, no, not God bless America — God damn America!”

Minister leaves Obama campaign

Here’s a good chunk of idiotic conservative commentary:

While a number of [liberals], including Barack Obama, will distance themselves from any or all of Rev. Wright’s specific statements, liberals will have a hard time denying that they share one thing in common with him… they resent or even hate what America stands for. They see our nation as an evil power in the world and one in which the haves oppress the have-nots at home.

Who Rev. Jeremiah Wright Really Speaks For

Wright’s kind of language, of course, is absurd, and it should be completely rejected. But it should be kept in mind that the conservatives have had their doomsayers:

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

I’ll say it again: conservatives, like Cindy McCain, like to say that they LOVE the USA. They prefer to act as if they have a monopoly on pride of country. That is such a crock of shit. They surely don’t love the whole country. They can’t; in fact, these rabid conservatives (not all conservatives are) hate almost half the country that consists of liberals. So don’t give me this shit that Wright hates the country and that he speaks for liberals. Falwell showed the hate he had for what he perceived as the current state of the nation.

So many of us love to use God as the source of ultimate vengeance. It’s a incontrovertible fact. This is old ground, however, and I won’t re-cover it too much. But the source of this kind of need for revenge (which even ol’ Spanky feels sometimes) is based, in large part, on what we learned from the temper tantrums of the God from the Old Testament.

Yeah, Wright fucked up. But don’t make me trot out the list of all the criminal fucks that the religious right used to champion.

-MC Spanky McGee