Soupy Trumpet Blasts from the Web 4-25-08 part 2

Spanky beat me to the punch, so here is a second edition… oops

Here’s another Soupy Trumpet daily-dose of internet finds to enjoy:

Spanky would like to add this video on DoubleViking:
“Something is goin’ on, can I smell yo’ dick?”

Microsoft’s Bill Gates is Done with Social Networking Site Facebook

Bill Gates Breakup with Facebook

In October of 2007, Microsoft invested $240 million into Facebook, the booming MySpace-alternative. The purchase was for about 1.6% of the company that was believed to be the front runner to become the top social and business networking site on the internet. This week in February 2008 has proven to be a hard week for social networking platforms altogether. Several reports have been linked to users tiring of the advertising on these networks and employers have their own concerns as well. These sites tend to eat up bandwidth, consume workers’ time, and lead to sensitive information issues, all of which are counterproductive in the workplace.

Facebook had just recently taken a round of hits for releasing private information to third parties via Beacon and news is hitting the internet that M$oft Chairman Bill Gates quit using Facebook. has popped up mocking many of the concerns that Gates and other users have been having of the site. Gates cited too many friend requests as his reason for not spending his daily 30 minutes on the site any longer. With this being right before Valentine’s Day it makes you wonder if he dumped Facebook to avoid buying a gift? I am sure we will know in a few days if they are back together or not or if this is a permanent break-up. Did the Microsoft woos to Yahoo make Facebook jealous or was Yahoo’s initial temporary rejection too hard on Bill?

Nick Swardson

Nick Swardson

Nick Swardson is in a few movies and a few television shows. He is probably best known as “Terry Jaspermans” on Reno 911. He has appeared in Gradma’s Boy, The Benchwarmers, Malibu’s Most Wanted, and more. Enjoy his work as he is a favorite here at the Trumpet.

“Added new links of my opening acts. They are all brilliant and do a great job. They are also very skilled at partying and private farting. They are all made of candy and sing in the key of diarreha” -Taken from

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Nick Swardson on MySpace

Gay Robot on MySpace

McFly Sr.’s Douche Chills

Crispin Glover

It’s been almost 20 years since Crispin Glover was on the old-school David Letterman show as a guest.  I stumbled across a video on myspace that made me do some research and I found that this guy was (at least at that time and up to 2002) a fruitcake.  His appearance on that program sent preverbial douche chills up and down my husky spine.  I am around people that act like this on a regular basis, but this appearance was borderline ridonkulous… scratch that, it was all the way inappropriate.  Enjoy and please do some follow-up reading to the other wierd stuff this guy is known for.

I do have to say that there are reports that say he is merely in character for a role he was filming at the time and no drugs were present.  Maybe, and if so, kudos to him for his performance.  However, the rest of what he is about is odd and I feel different about myself after watching that video.

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Here is his FREAKY film site…PLEASE watch the trailer and report what you make of it.

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Microsoft. Myspace. My world.

The AP reports Microsoft plans to start a service to rival Myspace and Facebook. Read about it here.

This is awesome. I can’t wait until  I am subscribed to 15 social sites. Then I can spend all muthafuckin’ day checking my wall for new posts and seeing whether Jane McHotbody finally broke up with Johnny McDildo. All day I’ll wonder how many times chicks have checked out my profile. Who needs General Hospital when I have my own little soap opera?
The Future is going to be cool. We won’t hang out in person with people–EVER. Our little “avatars” will meet up online, and we’ll have a virtual Spicy Chicken at a virtual Wendy’s, and then head to the virtual bathroom for some virtual explosion. We will turn into the Sims.

Of course, we might want to be Sims. Look how many goddamn copies they sold of the game. We probably want to be Sims because the news makes us sad, and we can’t handle being sad.

One gets the feeling that our interaction with the internet is doing things to us psychologically that we can’t even fathom. I won’t speculate on what’s happening, but it does feel creepy from time to time…