Intercepted on email.

Taguchi wrote this to me:

Nickelback just came on the radio in my office….”Lookin at a photograph…he-yea-he-haaaaaaaa-hoooowwwww-hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-yeah”

Last time I was in D-town [Taguchi and Pumpkin's home-turf], Pumpkin and I had a lip-quivering argument over nickelback.  Went like this:
Gooch: Nickelback blows
Pumpkin: No they don’t
Gooch: Yes they do
Pumpkin: No they don’t.  Chad Kroger is a juggernaut songwriter.  Stuff like his spider man song are huge hits.
Gooch: They suck.
Pumpkin: No they don’t

I really don’t have anything to add to this.  The dialogue tells you everything you need to know.

-MC “Shhhpanky” McGee