Super Bowl XLII Patriots vs. Giants Simulated by Tecmo Bowl

Super Bowl XLII Simulated by Tecmo Bowl

Tomorrow, February 3, 2008, is the annual NFL championship game also known as the Super Bowl XLII held in Arizona at the $455 million dollar ridiculously awesome University of Phoenix Stadium that features a retractable roof and roll-out grass field.

The game features MVP Tom Brady and the still undefeated New England Patriots including Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Asante Samuel, and more.  Their opponents are the New York Giants, lead by Peyton Manning’s little brother Eli Manning and an assortment of strong players that includes future Hall of Famer Michael Strahan, Brandon Jacobs, and Plaxico Burress that has run his mouth all week leading up to the big game (and is now questionable for the game).

In celebration of this event tomorrow, the boys at set up the old school Tecmo Bowl and simulated the game.  The videos are available from Joystiq via YouTube and the game summary is at the site.  Check it out and get your bets in while you still have time.

New York Giant Player is a Lamb Castrator

Grey Ruegamer New York Giant Lamb Killer

I just found an article that shows a backup player named Grey Ruegamer for the NFC Champion New York Giants castrates lambs with his teeth in the off-season. With all the Tom Brady talk leading up to the Super Bowl, I thought this was a funny article to surface days before the “big game”. This guy is a backup lineman on the underdog team and it is about biting the junk off of animals…that is pretty much a non-story. Oddly enough this guy won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots a few years back…which makes it a Good Morning America “feel good” story.