Viral Video: Exclusive Dru Hill Reunion then Break Up On Radio

1990′s R&B group Dru Hill was officially set to get back together on a morning radio show in their hometown Baltimore, Maryland. WERQ-FM 92.3 had the four original members, Sisqo, Jazz, Nokio, and Woody Rock all on the air on Thursday March 6, 2008.

Everything was going well as the platinum group with 7 top 40 hits was revealing their plans of a reunion. The interview goes as expected until Woody (approx 2:25 in the video) claims he is quitting again to follow a mission with god.

Dru Hill tour dates are still listed for the “Ladies Night Out Tour” with Bell Biv Devoe, Keith Sweat, and Toni! Tony! Tone’!. There are doubts into the authenticity of the fallout as some believe it may be a publicity stunt.

Either way, “The Thong Song” was one of the greatest moments in musical achievement in my opinion. This video is popular on YouTube… even if Dru Hill is not anymore.

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

New Kids On the Block Back On the Block

New Kids On the Block

Just like Star Wars, Spice Girls, Coca-Cola Classic, Pumpkin owning a dog, the Oakland Raiders, and all things ONCE arguably good; reportedly the New Kids On the Block (NKOTB) are coming back again.  This is a HOT MESS.  I didn’t make it up, and only part of that picture is photoshopped.  I am not hoping for them to fail…just NOT to catch back on.  Please no more Joey McIntyre or Jordan Knight solo albums…Marky Mark Wahlberg’s brother Donnie Wahlberg is a decent actor – this may hurt that credibility, and also who is Danny Wood anyway?