Don’t Do Work in Your Pants Son, Try Big Black’s Manpons

Christopher “Big Black” Boykin and his buddy Rob Dyrdek aka Rob & Big are definitive hall of famers at Soupy Trumpet, just about everything they do is funny to us. Now we want to share with you the commercial for Big Black’s Manpons. This commercial is hilarious and even has a nice little jingle (probably another “Drama Beat” like Dirty Girl by Bobby Light). You can watch the full Big Black Manpon episode at for free and see why this product MUST hit the market.

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]

Transcript: (pretty funny to read too)

Announcer: The following program is brought to you by Manpon. Manpon – It keeps the mud out.

Big Black: Hi. I’m Big Black from MTV’s Rob & Big and I am here to talk about a growing problem that doesn’t get enough attention – doodoo comin’ out of your butt when you don’t want it to. Well that’s all behind us. Thanks to my new Big Black Manpon. It’s pretty much just a wad of toilet paper you shove in your butt to keep the mud from coming out. But unlike regular toilet paper, it comes with my personal guarantee stamped right on the box. Don’t do work in your pants son! Try Big Black Manpons.

Jingle: If you’re walkin’ around with mudbutt, use Big Black Manpons, it’ll clean it up.

Announcer: For your protection.