Michael Angelo Batio rocks the double guitar

I can’t remember whether I’ve posted this before to the Trumpet–but guess what? I don’t give a shit whether I did.

This video will change your fucking life.

Do you feel down in the dumps? Is your job getting you down? Are you behind on your credit card payments?

Fuck all that.

I give you Michael Angelo Batio:

[youtube width="425" height="355"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG4_V9UH7JM[/youtube]

There are several clutch moments in this video:

1. At 1:20, there is a close-up of M.A.’s junk, (his onion bag, if you will), and the camera backs out to reveal the double-necked-guitar wizard in his Power-dookie Stance (kinda like the one Ari Mihalopoulos, from the band Douchetrophy Destrophy, uses). At this point, you know that the Be-mulleted one is about to kick some ass, which is evident at

2. 1:37 into the video, where, after alternating Power-Slaps, Ghetto Mick Mars (the real one is in Motley Crue, duh) shoots you a look like you KNOW Satan is about to blow his fiery-devil-wad as a result of the impending Double-Metal-Flurry down the dual fretboards.

3. Then there is the Arm-Crossed-Fingering of Doom

4. Around 2:20 there is the Inverted-Upside-Down-Cross-of-Satan’s-Incarnate-Manpaint.



M.A.B. combines stylefulness with form, thunderition with articulationousness, content with feeling, grace with smoothnicity, charm with seriousishness, and rawnessnicity with imperialism and disestablishmentarianism.

Michael Angelo Batio: a true musician and a gentleman.

-MC Spanky McGee