Bad Vinyl Music Album Covers

Awful Album Cover

Pumpkin was doing some research on the internet for another Trumpet Blast and stumbled across a pretty awesome thread in a bulletin board on called “The Crap Album Cover World Cup” and I had to share it with The Trump. It starts off with a GEM and keeps going from there. The album cover above was picked STRICTLY because of the twin-huskyness of the Amason Twins.

Within that thread I found a link to another collection of similar images at the Museum of Bad Album Covers that has tons of heavy-metal and other craptastic record covers. Then I tried to research those Husky Twins from above their and found one of the strangest websites ever that has me feeling different about myself. It is called and their tagline is “a panoply of evangelical eccentricities, un-orthodox oddities & christian cultural curiosities”. From what I gather it is a bunch of weird racist church related pictures. Worth a few seconds of your time to click on it.

Amazing how I just did a ’6 degrees of Kevin Bacon’ that connected crossdressing men on album covers to a polka mass.

Define Fine

I was told a story tonight that I find pretty funny. The story lasted for about 30 seconds and I laughed for probably just as long. This brings the level of content to laughter to about half as much as the movie Friday… simple math.

The story involves a waitress that looks like a carp and sounds like a dying animal, and her exchange with a table one evening.

Carp: “How is everyone doing tonight?”
Table: “We are doing alright. And yourself?”
Carp: “I’m fine.”
Table: “Don’t you think you ought to go look in a mirror then come back and answer that again?”

Carp to Coworker: “I’m not sure if they were kidding… that was mean… I know I am no beauty queen, but I’m not that bad.”

[youtube width="425" height="355"][/youtube]